Popularity Isn't Easy
Popularity Isn't Easy
Popularity Isn't Easy
Popularity Isn't Easy

Popularity Isn't Easy

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Aubrey Lane Arrington was given a choice and one week to decide - does she want to stay at Eastbrooke Academy or go to school in London?

So much has happened since then that could affect her decision. Her former best friend, Branson, started a fight with her boyfriend, Prince Augie. And when the event is live streamed and goes viral, it has the makings of an international scandal.

The school is buzzing with gossip.
Is Aubrey really pregnant?
Is it Prince Augie’s baby?
And is the British royal family going to allow Augie to stay at Eastbrooke after this?

Despite it all, staying at Eastbrooke feels right.
Aubrey loves her house.
Her brothers.
Her friends.
And Augie is all for it.

But when classes start and she and Branson are forced to spend time together, she’s not sure all the pros outweigh the one big con.

Will she go with her heart and choose Eastbrooke, or will she leave Eastbrooke - and Branson- for good?

This is book #2 in the Eastbrooke Academy series.

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