What I Write

I write fun, bingeable YA romance series with characters you will fall in love with. You can expect long series, cliffhanger endings, and finally, happily ever afters. If you enjoy these types of stories then my books are for you!

I've written over 50 books which include seven series and one YA standalone. I've listed them out below.

That Boy Series

  • Boy Next Door
  • Football
  • Small town romance
  • Friends to lovers

Fall in love with the boy next door. Perfect for small town romance and football lovers. 

Eastbrooke Academy

  • Rich kids
  • Boarding School
  • East Coast
  • Kissing all the boys

Where the children of the outrageously rich go to school. Think Crazy Rich Asians and Gossip Girl. 

The Keatyn Chronicles

  • Hollywood Princess
  • Boarding School
  • Love triangle
  • On the run

The daughter of a famous actress whose life is like a movie as she has to escape a stalker. Think 90210. 

London Prep

  • Student Exchange
  • Prep School
  • London Setting
  • Slow Burn

A prep school series about a drama filled three-week exchange. Perfect if you love all the angst and love triangles. 

Spy Girl

  • She Saves Him
  • Royalty Romance
  • High Society
  • Fast-Paced Thriller

Can one girl save the world? Get ready for espionage, a handsome Prince, a kick-ass female spy, and secrets that have world-wide ramifications!

Kitty Valentine

  • Dating different tropes
  • Quirky heroine
  • Twenty-something navigating the dating scene
  • Cute neighbor with an even more adorable dog 

A Sex and the City-ish chick-lit series where a twenty-something shy, NYC writer has to start dating for inspiration for her romance books. Perfect if you’re looking for a quick read and witty banter.  

Crawford Brothers

  • Contemporary romance
  • Trilogy
  • Individual love stories
  • Accidental marriage, second-chance romance, and fake fiancé

Each book is about a different Crawford brother and their love story. There’s easy conversation, men who know what they want, and strong females who are willing to fight for love. 

Girl off the grid

  • Opposites attract
  • Central America
  • Set in Nature
  • Standalone Read

Travel to Costa Rica in this YA rom-com that features an opposites attract romance. A NYC fashion blogger and wildlife photographer are paired up to work on a eco-tourism article for a magazine.