The Party
The Party
The Party
The Party

The Party

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It’s my first week as an official student at Kensington School, and things couldn’t be more chaotic. I’m living in a hotel, trying to recover from the news of my parents’ move to London, and working to make things right with Harry, Noah, and Mohammad.

Mohammad says I’m back in the boys’ club.
Harry tells me that he wants me back in his life.
And Noah, well, he’s always been complicated.

But after a too-generous gift from Harry and a heated moment with Noah on my birthday, things seem to change. Noah is flirting with me again and Harry shows me he’s serious about us being friends when he asks me to be his date to his parents’ party.

Everything feels like it’s back to normal—until the party.
Because Mohammad somehow ends up with two dates.
Harry asks me to pretend to be his girlfriend for the night.
And Noah tells me he likes me. A lot.

In the midst of meeting Harry’s parents and helping Mohammad navigate a potential disaster with Naomi, Noah says that I need to show him how I feel. But what he’s really asking for is for me to make a choice.

Him or Harry.

This is book # 5 in the series.

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