That Forever
That Forever

That Forever

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Devaney Diamond and Chase Mackenzie’s relationship has been like a Taylor Swift song.

Best friends in elementary school. First loves in high school. Friends-with-benefits while Dani was away at college.
But deep down, they have always loved each other. Are always drawn to each other.
And after much drama, they have managed to work things out and are off to college together as a couple.

But dating in college isn’t what either of them expected. Between Dani’s active social life and sorority calendar and Chase’s football practices and regimented workouts, they don’t get as much time together as they planned. And when they finally do get a few minutes alone, their roommates don’t seem to care about their privacy.

Add to that, Chase is starting over on a new team who seems to think he’s all hype. And when that part of his life spirals out of balance, it threatens everything.
Dani and Chase have always talked about their forever, but now they are wondering if they’ll even make it through the semester.

This is book #8 in the series. (Book #3 in Chase & Devaney's trilogy)

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