The Story of the Bachelor Prince from @JillianDodd ‘s Love Me



The Good Prince (GP) sees the Cheerleader at a football game. He falls in love with her and asks her on a date.

They go on one of those all day dates and kiss under the moon.

They have a crazy quick love connection.

They share true love’s kiss on the beach under a bright full moon.

(The Bad Prince (BP) and his butler witness this kiss.)


The Queen tells the princes that they must compete in a reality TV show to find their wife. To find their love. Mostly, because their monarchy is going bankrupt.


The BP gets the cheerleader to come on the show. He knows that the GP didn’t tell her he was a prince. He knows this will defeat any shot he has of becoming king.


The Cheerleader agrees to go on the show and is shocked when she meets the GP. She’s very mad he lied to her. Also- he hasn’t called. (But it’s only really because of this whole reality TV thing.)


The BP wants to win the competition. He plays all the contestants, making them all believe that they are the one for him. He doesn’t want any of them falling for his brother.


There is a hilarious hot tub scene where the BP is holding dates and kissing each contestant. The Cheerleader is the only girl he doesn’t kiss.


The GP tells her that he loves her and apologizes for lying. She doesn’t believe him and runs away, stopping to spill her guts to the BP.


There is a final TV scene. It’s the big night. A ball in the castle’s gardens, where each brother is supposed to announce who they love by giving her a rose. The BP rigs it so he goes first and although everyone expects him to pick the debutante, they are shocked when he offers the rose and a massive engagement ring to the cheerleader.


The GP leaves the ball, devestated, assuming that she will say yes and can’t bear to watch. The Queen watches all that is happening.


The cheerleader tells the BP that although being a princess would be really cool, she doesn’t love him. She leaves and chaotic hilarity ensues. All the finalists giving it one last shot to win the BP’s ring. There is kissing, fighting, hair pulling, flirting.

The BP gets engaged to the Debutante.


The Cheerleader knows she’s ruined it with him.

So she goes to their beach where they kissed under the moon to cry.

But he’s there.

When we kissed her the first time, I didn’t know you were a prince. You were just the man I had fallen in love with. 

She tells him she doesn’t care about being a princess, or about his brother, and that she loves him.

He pulls a ring out of his pocket and proposes in the moonlight.

And she says yes.


The final scene of the play is the Queen announcing that the GP will be the King.