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  1. Just finished reading date me for the third time….moving onto the next one tomorrow, I’m literally in love with your books jillian, they’ve made me both laugh out loud like an idiot and break down crying, your an amazing author, and I hope you keep writing. Ps.i loved ‘that boy’ as well but the KC are my favourite:)

    1. That makes me so happy!! I’m glad you are loving Keatyn. She has a fun story and grows up so much in the series!

  2. I’m soo addicted!! This is my 3rd time reading through the series!! I can get through a book in easily 2-3 days. Once I open it, I can’t stop!!

  3. I absolutely love the keatyn chronicles so far, they are so addicting to read, I also love the outfits you put together for keatyn. I started reading these two days ago and I am already on the fifth book. You are an amazing author.

  4. me and my friends love this books with all our hearts
    we want to know if you had done any movie or series
    will there ever be one?

    1. I’m so glad you love them! I think Keatyn would make a great TV series and hope it will happen but so far, there is nothing in the works, but be sure to let your favorite networks know that you’d like to see it!

  5. WOW !! Jillian Dodd you are one AMAZING writer !! your way of writing envelops the reader and puts them in a happy-bubble please dont EVER stop writing you would break my heart !!

    1. I love writing and it’s something I’ve done most of my life even before I was an author. I plan to continue writing.

  6. I hope this becomes I tv show. I litterely could not put the book down, I finished the series in 3 days. Can’t wait till August for the next book!!!

    1. I think a TV series would be awesome. Let your favorite networks know if that’s what you’d like!

  7. Why has the title of the last book changed from come and get me to just get me? Looove ur books, soo excited for next saturday when hate me is out,, keatyn HAS to get with aiden, i love him LOL! Also r your books available in any shops in England becasue i’ve got them on my kindle but really want a paperback copy 😀 thank youu xxx

    1. When I redid the covers to rebrand them all with “The Keatyn Chronicles” as opposed to just the book title, Come and Get Me was too long to fit.

  8. Amazing is the way to describe these books. I think the books would be perfect for ABC Family. A lot of their shows focus on the lives of teenagers, and so does your book series. I absolutely love the books; I have read the first three books in three days! The books are full of advice, fashion tips, jokes, and they books really encourage individuality. I love these books and I will be buying more. Kudos t o you author. Outstanding job!

  9. Okay honestly I usually really don’t like reading but these books are perfect! I seriously love them so much! You are a genius! And Thankyou for writing these! I really mean that!! I am super into clothes and shoes and fashion so I love that it has a lot of that in it and I love the drama and excitement everything’s just really perfect!

  10. This book is amazing! I’m not that big of a reader but when I’m reading these books, I feel like I’m watching tv!

  11. I love the dress in ‘Excitment In the air’ and the shoes in ‘Nothing says party like a red solo cup’

  12. Read all 3 books in 2 days, could not put them down! So exited for the next ones, and tv series all the way!

  13. OMG!!! Love the outfits. can’t wait for Love Me to come out. can you please make it into a movie or tv series. will totally watch it if it comes out.

        1. I would love that. Since I’m an author and not in the movie or TV industry, it’s really not something I can control. Let your favorite networks know that you want it!

  14. Just had to say how much I have LOVED this series. So excited to hear there are three more. I can hardly put the books down when I’m reading. Fabulous work! Looking forward to TV series or movies. Would definitely watch!

    1. The Keatyn Chronicles has always been a planned 6 book series.
      Stalk Me. Kiss Me. Date Me. Love Me. Hate Me. Come and Get Me.
      The only variation to that is that there is now going to be a book 4.5 –a little novella, which will be called Adore Me and will just cover K’s Thanksgiving break.

  15. I think the look books kym made for Keatyn are a great idea and i want to make one for myself to keep track of my outfits and i was wondering how you pictured the look books and how you pictured they were formatted and kept?

    1. I use It’s a really fun and addictive place. I shop for all of the clothes that K wears on the internet just like she would. When I find something I like, I clip that picture to Polyvore, then I’m able to use it in the sets.

  16. Seriously finished all three books in two days. So obsessed and can’t wait for the next three!
    This should definitely be made into a film or even better a tv show! Amazing job, it catches the eye right away

  17. I have recently bought all 3 books and finished them in 2 days. I absolutely love the series and I can’t wait for the others to come out. I love how you have the outfits and dream cast, they are exactly who I pictured while reading! 🙂

    1. Doing the clothes is one of my favorite parts!! I was actually a design major in college 🙂

  18. I’m glad we got glimpses at the other girls’ dresses (especially Whitney’s – I had trouble picturing that dress) and Aiden’s outfits. Looks great!
    Will there be a sneak peak of Love Me soon? I’m dying to know what’s going to happen next.

    1. If you are in the KC addicts group, they get sneaks first. I’ll have some on here in June.

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