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Are you addicted to The Keatyn Chronicles?

Do you find yourself debating about who would be better for Keatyn? Aiden or Dawson or Brooklyn?

Are you Team Cush, Team Aiden, Team Dawson, Team Brooklyn?

Or what about Riley! Dallas! Don’t forget the other bff, rockstar in the making, Damian!

Jake. Logan. Smoking hot bodyguard, Cooper?

Or some other unknown hottie we’ve yet to discover?

Β If so, there is help.

A couple wonderful fans of the series have started a Facebook group for you.

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    1. Money is not available on iBooks yet, other than a pre-order. Pre-orders will be available on other vendors as soon as Money has a firm release date. And I don’t announce release dates until I’ve finished writing the book.

  1. Sorry! but I was just wondering who’s on the front cover of the Keatyn Books, she’s so pretty!

    1. She is pretty. The covers were made from stock photos and the model is from Sweden.

  2. Jillian.
    Is is possible to fall in love with a book series? Cause I think I did!
    I’ve bought the whole series on my ipad. And have read them about
    fifty times! I love your books, and love the quotes you have in them.
    There’s such good advice in your books. You didn’t just entertain
    the people reading your books you taught them something as well. If you’re
    in a situation that you can’t work out with your brain you just follow your heart.
    your books are an inspiration to me and I’d love to become an author.
    I really got mad at Kiki for sleeping with Dawson and not going for Aiden straight away
    ! I can’t wait to buy any new books you publish, and I really think you should get these made into

    1. Keatyn was frustrating, but she had a growth process to go through. She needed to understand how important loving herself was and how she needed to do that before she could really love someone else (and get her fairytale ending.) I’m so glad you enjoyed the series!!

  3. Omg jillian you are the most amazing author EVER I read that boy in like 3 days then I had to read that wedding and I cant wait for that baby. When I read the description for stalk me I didnt think it was my kind of book, but after finishing that wedding I needed more jillian dodd and I read it in a day, that was 8 days ago and I just finished the whole series :). Omg there moments where I wanted to slap keatyn because it was so obvious that she was made for aiden and she was wasting her time with dawson and thinking about brooklyn. Everytime she had an encounter with vincent I was on the edge of my seat, these books have been the best book series I have ever read in my life and I’m so upset that i’ve finished them now. I really just wanted to say thanks for writing the kc and after that baby you HAVE to write another series!!! Also the keatyn chronicles has to be made into a tv show, I love tv shows like pretty little liars and the vampire diaries etc. and I literally wish on the moon every night that this gets made into a series. Ifly!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed both series. I think the KC would be make a great TV show too, so let your favorite networks know that you want it! I am planning another series, with grown up K and Riley, so look for that!

  4. OMG im so emotional i read get me! even if im not team …. im so sad i dont want to spoil the ecxitment but whateves im so sad :’-( :’-( ur the most amazing author that i’ve ever seen Jillian u really really apperciate a big THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you!! I love how the series ends too. And it’s been very hard knowing it for three years and not spilling the beans!!

  5. I fangirl so hard with these books! I actually couldn’t sleep last night cause I finished get me! I cannot wait for the movies or tv series to come out! These are by far my favourite books and I can’t wait to read them over and over again!

  6. I just finished Get Me, and I’m in love. I’ve been reading the series for a while and I’ve always been obsessed. However, this series will forever be my favorite and you’ll always be my favorite author. I can’t wait for more books written by you!

  7. I read Get Me in one sitting and absolutely loved it. Bravo you have outdone yourself. I wasn’t sure how it would end and I feel that it ended without leaving me questioning much. I was so suprised with the takeover outcome. (Trying my best not to spoil!!) I love the series and hope it becomes a movie or tv series. Forever team Aiden.

  8. I just read the whole series in 2 days. Loved it!!! Do you have any plans for a spin off for Cooper?

      1. Are you going to be doing any spin offs of any characters? Or a book all in Vincent’s POV or someone? Of that makes sense:)

  9. TEAM AIDEN!!! I have read these books about 10 times each, waiting for Hate Me to come out. Aiden and Keatyn need to be together. I still can’t believe Keatyn didn’t tell Aiden about their prom night incident, (hope that didn’t spoil it!).

    Jillian, I was just wondering, would there be any possibility of having a book where it would show Aiden’s past before where Stalk Me starts? To show how Aiden went through all of the problems with his mom getting cancer and having to go to Eastbrooke to help Peyton, and it would end with Keatyn kicking the soccer ball past his head. I absolutely want to know more about Aiden and his past.

  10. OMG!! I absolutely loved this series.. I love the characters and their personalities. The story you have created is amazing. Although, I have to say that the ending to Hate Me was VERY surprising.. Yeah.. Wasn’t expecting that. Haha. But I would love to see this book series as a telivision series.. It would be the best! I would watch every single minute. I can’t wait for it to come out and see who you have decided for the cast!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the characters. I worked hard to give them each a very distinct personality. I would love for it to be a TV series or movie as well! Let your favorite networks know that’s what you want!

  11. I love this series. I got stalk me and read it in a day. I had to have the rest. And I re read them every time another one comes out. I can not wait till Vincent gets what’s coming to him. And I hope Keatyn gets Aiden. I so don’t want this to ever end.. wonderful wonderful story..

  12. Best idea or only idea: We call Team Keatyn and Aiden
    Team Kaiden

    Also, please bring Braxton back. That little turd had me dying.

    1. Characters have to be important to the scenes to have them in it. Braxton isn’t at school, so it’s difficult to have him in many scenes. However, I love him too and hope to do a series about his time at EB.

      1. Yessss. Please do ,if keatyn was a person I would hug her and cry.jillian Dodd your the reason I started to actually read books

        1. She needs a hug!! And I’m super glad you are reading. I love to read!

  13. I love this and I’m always torn between guys and I love how even though its romance it has a strong story. I can’t stop reading and have gotten a ton of girls hooked in my classes. Also waiting for this to be a movie or tv show and I really want to be an actress and it would be so fun to play any of the characters!

    1. I think it would be amazing to see the series on TV or a series of movies. I love Keatyn’s growth in the books. I’m super excited for everyone to read the last book! And thank you for sharing the series with your friends. That’s a big compliment for an author <3

      1. Holy crap… Are your god because I have never read any books like yours.. I am obsessed with all your books including the that boy series and of course the Keatyn Chronicles!!!

  14. I’m waiting for the day this becomes a movie/tv series. I hardly ever read but these books are amazing. I get the book and by the next day or two I find myself getting the next one. I also have developed an eerie feeling around people named Vincent… But seriously I love these books, I recommended them to my friends. Like please have a tv series!!!

  15. At first I was Team Brooklyn all the way. Then when she got with Dawson I wasn’t to happen knowing she was needing to be with Aiden. After I was definitely team Aiden up until now. Part of me thinks she could end up with someone completely new or end up being with Brooklyn the one who started the love for her. I end up telling my boyfriend d all about these books and how I am Team Aiden 100 percent. Cannot wait till book 5 comes out!!!

    1. A lot is yet to happen from a boy standpoint!! I’m glad you are enjoying them!!

    1. I think it would make a great TV series!! Suggest it to your favorite stations!!

  16. OMG!! I LOVE this series! Ijust found stalk me a few days ago and already head over heels in love. Read through to adore me already, prob not stop reading till I finish! Jillian you have done a great job with this series, it has so many realistic twists and turns you feel like you just HAVEto keep reading. Can’t wait 4 books 5 and 6! And as 4 Moon Boy, Team Aiden all the way! if they don’t end up together I will die!!! I know I sound like a hopeless romantic(and cheesy,and psychotic, among other things…) but I swear sometimes you can feel the chemistry while you’re reading…

    1. I’m glad you can feel their chemistry. I agree that she and Aiden have a strong attraction.


    1. thanks for ordering the books! I hope you enjoy the series. I know that in the end she will choose the right boy for her!

  18. Just finished Adore Me, Jillian you have outdone yourself! I love this series and the ending was perfect. I’ve already pre-ordered book 5. Oh, and Team Aiden 110%!!!!

  19. I love all the books. But since I have read stalk me and yet to read the rest of the books I’m still in love with Cush, I guess he won’t be much in the other books since only few has been rooting out for him lately. I love all the boys. Woohoo I actually imagine myself as kiki while I was reading the book the same way as I was imagining myself as Blaire while watching gossip girl. πŸ˜€ xoxo

    1. I love the Gossip Girl series. I totally wanted to be Serena! Cush is in future books, but since you know that she goes to boarding school at the end of Stalk Me, you will know that she can’t see him right now.

  20. At first I was team Dawson, but once she started hanging out will Aiden I soo fell in love with him!!! Please let Keatyn and Aiden be together forever!!! So team Aiden!!!

  21. I absolutely LOVED Love Me! MB just HAS to be Aiden! Please, Jillian, it has to be him! I don’t know if I can take it any other way! The suspense is killing me! LOL!

  22. Omega I found this series literally yesterday and have already finished reading the second book. I’m so thrilled with this series and hope it never ends. Keatyn is funny and brave and just a little bit over the top, which makes her so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this amazing series with us Jillian. I think I may have to read all your books now..

    1. Thank you!! Keatyn has been a really fun character to write about. I love her over the top personality!

    2. LOVED the book.. couldn’t put it down…I was waiting for the release on my kindle..unfortunately im in PA..so I learned that I had to wait til the morning.. Ms. Dodd you are very talented…keep the books coming! I have to say I was Team Dawson until this book…glad Brooklyn is back…but I’m leaning towards Team Aiden now…and I saw some comments through my email about a movie…I hope you get the opportunity for that..it would be AMAZING!