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Character Interviews


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That Boy Review in French: Les Lectures De Sab.

That Boy was chosen as one of the Best I’ve Read 2011. Thanks so much to Jennifer Howell for falling in love with That Boy!! Check out Jennifer’s Blog, Late Bloomer Online and the Best I’ve Read 2011 website to see all the great books chosen this year!

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That Wedding Review in French: At Les Lectures De Sab.

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  1. Hey, awesomeness! I love u and ur books soooooooo much!! Can’t wait for more Philip!!:):) can u give some tips on character building please? 🙂

        1. It’s a little more in-depth than that. I work hard on my characters to give them very distinct personalities.

  2. Hi, I managed to finished both books in two days and am anxiously waiting for that baby. I absolutely love these book and anyone who also loved it should try The Summer I Turned Pretty. I think our an amazing author and I would hope to be a romance YA writer and I was wondering if you have any ideas? If I’m half as good as you I will be proud of myself. I was also wondering if you were going to write any more books after that baby as I would love to read more and if you were, how many to complete the series! Thankyou for bringing that boy into my life and if you have a chance to email me some tops I would be so so so happy! Thankyou! LL Sydney xxxxx

    1. After That Baby, I’m not sure what will be the next book I write for sure, but I think it will be Riley’s story from my other series, The Keatyn Chronicles.

      1. Yay I love the keatyn chronicles and that boy series if u do write a book a bout Riley I will be hooked on it like I have with your last series of books

  3. Hi Jillian I love all your books and I love that boy soooo much and I wanted to no will Danny and Lori ever get a book plz right back to me ps mary

    1. I don’t think Danny and Lori will get their own book, but since P & JJ will be living next door to them in That Baby, you will see a lot more of them!

  4. I just got done reading That Boy and now I’m starting That Wedding. I was so addicted to this book I finished it in 2 days! I was so thrilled with this book that I told my friend to read it, and now she’s hooked onto it as well! We always have conversations saying how much we love the characters such as Phillip and Danny. This book was so well written that I just had to buy the second book. I’m so excited for That Baby to come out! I don’t know if I could wait that long! This book would make one great movie one day. Thank you for creating the That Boy series 🙂

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed their story! I worked on That Boy for years, so the characters feel very real to me. And I had so much fun planning their wedding and showing you how dreamy Phillip is!