MANday: All I want for Christmas is a real midwestern boy.

It’s MANday here at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos. Where we strive to make your Mondays a little more BAREable! It’s the holiday season and visions of HOT men are dancing in our heads.

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled MANday to bring you something special!!! Lady Gaga wrote a song about her cool Nebraska guy. I wrote about a couple cool Nebraska boys in my book, That Boy, and I married one too. There’s just something about a Midwestern boy. A reader on goodreads wrote in her review of That Boy that she wished they would sell Phillip in a store because she would totally buy him. Many people have fallen in love with Phillip and seem to think guys like him don’t exist in real life. Boys who are sweet, chivalrous, but manly too. In the upcoming sequel, That Wedding, Phillip’s in a bar and stands up to chat with a guy that was kinda hitting on Jadyn. Jadyn says, Phillip stands up. All six foot three inches of prime Nebraska beefcake. That’s the kind of guy I’m talking about.

Here’s what I hope is the first of many MANdays on real Midwestern guys.

Name : Tyler
Relationship status: Single
Age: Just turned 28 last week
Height: 6′
What’s your sign? Um….Saggitarius
Occupation: Telecom Technician
Dream Occupation: Country Music Singer  
What Qualities do you look for in a woman?  
Well, I think anyone is a liar if they say looks don’t matter. It’s the first thing that attracts attention, so ideally she’s nice to look at.  That said, my most important is intelligence. I want someone I can have a conversation with and who challenges me to push the limits of my comfort zone. 
And she HAS to have a sense of humor. If she doesn’t like sarcasm and movie quotes, it’s not the end of the world, but let’s just say it boosts any woman’s stock significantly. 
What physical quality on a woman attracts you the most?  
A beautiful face. A woman can have other flaws, but a great smile and killer eyes make up for a lot of perceived shortcomings.  Besides, you can’t really carry a conversation with someone if you’re staring elsewhere. 
Favorite spot on a woman?  
I would have to say the lower stomach I guess. If a girl has great hips and a sexy stomach, it’s incredibly appealing. Although it’s close between that and a woman’s back. That may surprise some, but you wouldn’t believe how many guys go crazy over a girl in a backless dress if she has the right body type. 
Tell us your best pick up line.  
I’ve never been a pick-up line guy. If you have to  come up with some cheesy opening just to break the ice, how are you going to carry a conversation? I prefer to just walk up and introduce myself and offer to buy a drink. Simple, but simple usually works. 
Just how did you get all those muscles?   
I played football in both high school and college, so I’ve always lifted weights, but after I graduated college I wanted to see if I could get any bigger while still losing weight, and like anything in life, if you put in the time, you’ll see results. Basically it just came down to really hard work and eating the right things. 75% of weight loss is just eating right, and I’m really disciplined about that….except during the holidays of course. I can’t wait till December is over! 
Best date you’ve ever been on, what did you do?   
Probably have to say it was up in Minnesota, we went out for dinner downtown at a nice place and then went to the State Fair, which is a huge deal up there. Between carnival rides, live music, bars, and people watching, it was a lot of fun, and then we went to a concert at the grandstand later that night.  It’s during the last days of summer when everyone is trying to squeeze as much fun in as possible before the inevitable comes, so there’s a really unique energy there where everyone’s in a great mood and trying to soak it all up. Plus, it’s state fair food. Who can go there and not have fun just eating? I like being up and moving around, seeing sights and having variety. A candle-lit dinner may do it for some, but it’s not my first choice at all. 
Best white knight moment?   
Nothing out of this world….I think the best I had was likely driving 4 hours after my then-girlfriend was involved in a minor car accident. She wasn’t injured, but was shaken up and I could tell she was unnerved. So after I got off the phone with her, I drove up to her cabin (without her knowledge) and brought her some flowers and her favorite movie so we could watch it. 
Do you believe in the whole true love, happily ever after thing?  
I believe that two people can love one another for their entire lives, though to call it true love or happily ever after is probably inaccurate.  I think one of the biggest problems in our society now is that “love” has been romanticized so much in movies and other parts of our culture that people don’t realize it is really damn hard to love someone every day. And I think that’s why as many marriages fail now, because they don’t think they love the person anymore. Love is not  just about that fuzzy warm feeling you get about a person. It’s about commitment, it’s about sacrificing some of your wants or desires for the happiness of someone else sometimes. There are going to be days you probably can’t stand that other person, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love them. 

 Why are you a Husker fan?  I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and my dad actually grew up there until we moved to Iowa, which was when I was 4. His parents (my grandparents) still live in Elkhorn, Nebraska, (WHICH IS THE EXACT TOWN THAT WESTOWN IN THAT BOY IS MODELED AFTER, AND ALSO WHERE I GREW UP!!) and as is often the case, the family brainwashed us into being Nebraska fans. My mother’s side of the family also lived in Nebraska and a lot of our extended family still does, so we’ve gotten it from both sides. I’m glad actually, it would really suck to be brainwashed into liking an awful team like Iowa or Minnesota. 
Anything else you wanna tell us?  
If she’s out there, my future wife will love (or at least tolerate country music.)

If you wanna say hey to Tyler and thank him for being on MANday, mention him on Twitter @thehuskerguy.


 If you love reading books about hot romantic guys, you’ll love Danny and Phillip in That Boy. That Boy was recently named one of the BEST I’VE READ 2011. You can also check out all the great reviews at Goodreads, or purchase it from Amazon