Leslie’s Book Bliss: And One Last Thing by Molly Harper


Lacey Terwilliger was a good wife…at least she thought she was. She was devoted to her husband “Mike”, in a stay-at-home, junior league, garden-club kind of way, and her husband not only preferred it, it was “understood.” It also looked good for his marriage and was great for his CPA business. Only problem was, Mike couldn’t make his pants behave once he hired “BeeBee” his new receptionist; stupid belt and zipper just wouldn’t cooperate!

A mix-up at Singletree’s only florist was about to change Lacey’s life forever. She inadvertently recieved the flowers that were intended for Mike’s newly hired, freshly manicured, big-boobed receptionist. (Nope, this won’t be pretty.) It goes without saying that Lacey was shocked, humiliated and downright livid with her husband and because she’s conveniently the writer for his monthly company-wide newsletter, things are about to get a whole lot worse. Included in said newsletter were “colorful” descriptions of the special brand of “administrative support” his receptionist gave him along with lovely descriptions of Mike’s glowing personality. Once that “send” button was hit and flooding the in-boxes of Mike’s family, friends, and clients, Lacey’s an instant “Urban Legend!” Although “poopy” is about to hit the fan; and before Lacey knows it, her lawyer, “Sam” advises her to vacate her small Kentucky town before the media rush, or finding out she’s the defendant in Mike’s defamation lawsuit. (The nerve!!)

The old lake-house isn’t so bad and it’s only an hour outside of town. It smells musty and a tad moldy, but it’ll work for a while once all the chaos dies down. And wouldn’t you know it? She’s even got a neighbor…whose freaking HOT and keeps to himself! PERFECT! He’s eye-candy and reminds Lacey of Hugh Jackman when he played, “Wolverine” (no complaints here!) AND, he’s someone to help out if anything breaks, right? Nope, because he, “Monroe”, wants nothing to do with a scorn, soon-to-be divorced 30 year old attractive woman who occasionally swims in the nude at 2am! Hummmm, this could get interesting and trust me, it does!!

I don’t come across many books that have so much to offer; brilliant, laughing-so-hard-you-have-to take-a-break-and-e-mail-your-best-friend, humor, not to mention the extremely clever and well timed, fluid writing. I knew a while back that I loved Harper’s style and this book was certainly not an exception. It was simply a joy and I am actually sad my fun had to end! WONDERFUL!