Keatyn Unscripted

Want Aiden’s point of view?

Keatyn Unscripted is now released!

Keatyn Unscripted is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Keatyn Chronicles series. Come live in Keatyn’s world a little longer and discover when and how Aiden learned Keatyn’s real identity in pivotal new scenes from his point of view. Get inside Vincent’s head to learn what started his obsession and read new scenes spanning the entire series. Read Jillian’s first version of the series and its alternate ending. You’ll also find a discussion of the original character profiles, deleted scenes, scripts, music, and clothing that were such an important part of the series and which held many clues as to which boy Keatyn would ultimately choose.

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A detailed description of what is included: 

Aiden’s Point of View:  Discover when and how Aiden learned who Keatyn really was, and why he didn’t confront her with his knowledge in pivotal new scenes from his point of view.
Character Profiles:  The building blocks of the series. The characters are what readers fell in love with, and you’ll get to read Jillian’s earliest thoughts about them. 
Twisted Dreams Music:  How the songs in the series were written, the lyrics, and the story behind the songs that were recorded. 
Deleted Scenes:  Read scenes that never made it into the books.
The Scripts:  Study the scripts Keatyn wrote and discover the meaning in them.
Moon Boy:  A discussion about the boy who would ultimately win Keatyn’s heart.
The Lie List:  A list of the lies Keatyn tells throughout the series and who she tells them to.
The Music:  An in-depth look at the playlists for the books and the reasons behind each song choice.
The Clothing:  Jillian discusses the process of dressing Keatyn.
Vincent’s Point of View: Ever wonder what was happening behind the scenes? What was going on in Vincent’s head? This section starts out with Vincent’s in-depth character profile, his backstory, and includes a retelling of the entire series for and between the scenes relating to Keatyn, Vincent, and Abby. This section includes numerous never before released scenes from Vincent’s point of view.
The Original Version: Read Jillian’s first draft of the series along with her comments and notes on what changed, what didn’t, and how the published version came about. You’ll see deleted scenes, character changes, and an alternate ending. 


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