Andy Grammer and a Coachella party.

Greetings from Palm Springs!

I’m out in the California desert at a conference with my husband. I’ve been spending most of my time under a pool umbrella with my computer editing a book called, Girl Off The Grid. I haven’t told you much about this book yet because it’s a project I’ve been working on with my daughter, Kenzie Harp, and since it’s our first time co-writing, I wasn’t sure how long it would all take. But . . . yay! It goes off to the editor on Monday, which means it should release sometime this summer, just in time to be a fun vacation read. Also, if you are following the YA paranormal Earth Angel series by B.C. Burgess, book four, The Lie,releases today. If you haven’t started this series, it’s for ages 15 and up so good!!

If you’ve yet to get book #4 in the Hollywood Love series (name redacted so it doesn’t send this to your spam folder, but it starts with a S and ends with EX) you can find it on all vendors here. You can also preorder LOVE, which releases November 21st, here.

Last week, I shared with you boards for K & A’s house as well as the one Tyler bought. This week, I want to share my vision for Dawson’s girls’ rooms that Vanessa had redone for them. This was a really fun scene for me to write. The former mean girl from The Keatyn Chronicles has definitely grown up to be an awesome, confident woman, but both she and Dawson are a little broken due to things happening prior to them meeting again. It’s been really satisfying for me as a writer to allow these two a second chance at love. Having Dawson and his girls move in with her is a big step for both their relationship and in Vanessa’s personal growth. Home is always an important theme in my books. Feeling like you’re home. Having friends and family to your space. The comfort our homes give us. I describe the change in Vanessa’s home from grand and opulent to casual and relaxed in detail, but it was the girls’ rooms that I had to design out in order to write about them. I hope you enjoy seeing what they look like and if they are how you envisioned based on the book. You’ll find a design board for Harlow’s equestrian princess room, Ava’s ultimate teen sleepover room, and her private bedroom. Hope you enjoy them! 

I’ve also included a few pictures from my time here in Palm Springs. While most of my time was spent editing, I did get out one day. I went to Thousand Palms Oasis, where I stood on the San Andreas fault and hiked to the Oasis formed from the water seeping up from the fault. It was crazy to see water and lush palms in the middle of the desert. We ended our afternoon at the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway. It goes almost straight up a mountain on a two and half mile trek. At nearly 8,500 feet up, we had amazing views of the Coachella Valley, the fault, and even the Salton Sea many miles away. (And there was snow at the top!) While I’m bummed that I have yet to attend Coachella, which takes place over the next few weeks, we did attend a Coachella-themed event last night. We ate upscale festival food (there was a donut wall as well as my favorite, cotton candy), watched festival-dressed dancers, and enjoyed a private concert with Chris Weaver Band and headliner Andy Grammar.

I’ll be home for the next few weeks, then Kenzie and I will be off to Lexington, KY, for the Authors in the Bluegrass book signing. We’re going a day early as we’ve never been to Kentucky. We’d love to hear from you about highlights of the area and, of course, we’d love recommendations on gluten-free, vegan friendly restaurants! Til next week!


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Above photos, sightseeing.
Picture #1 – My little head compared to the tall palms in the Oasis.

Picture #2 – The pond at the Oasis.
Picture #3 – Panoramic shot from the top of the Aerial Tramway.
Picture #4 – The Tramway. Yes, it’s a long way up!
Picture #5 –  A view of the Salton Sea from the plane.

Below photos, Coachella-themed party
Picture #1 – Andy Grammar performing
Picture #2 – Me, happy with my third cotton candy!
Picture #3 –  Dancers.