All That Glitters: Healthy Food

Hey guys! It’s Kenzie here on All that Glitters. So last week, my post was on a detox plan that lasted seven days. I was able to do some of the days, but mainly I was still hungry or COMPLETELY sick of eating the same food all day! So this week, my post is on healthy foods. Rather than detoxing, I think I’ll try and stick to eating healthy. These are some great recipes and ideas I’ve tried and loved!

Blueberries covered in yogurt and frozen. Great to do with any fruit for a sweet snack.

Strawberry banana baked oatmeal.

I think this looks delicious and am going to try and make it tomorrow!

Breakfast banana split. This one is by far my favorite! It tastes like dessert for breakfast!

Mini Omelet Muffins! Perfect for when everyone wants a omelet but you don’t have time to cook so many!

Sweet cinnamon, cheese, apple and turkey sandwich. This is so amazing! We use the cinnamon cheese now in place of butter!

Turkey Avocado Wrap. This is my brothers favorite!

Here’s to healthier eating!!

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