4th of July is almost here!

Hey everyone!

I want to wish you all a happy 4th of July! I know what you’re thinking, I’m about a week early, but that’s the amount of time it normally takes me to prepare for the events of the day. I’ve always loved hosting parties and, as you all know, it can be a lot of work, so I wanted to send you a fun newsletter with some things that I hope will make your planning easier. I’ve attached two boards full of adorable 4th of July tops and dresses. All of these are found on Amazon (most with Prime shipping) which means you’ll have plenty of time to get them. As an added bonus, all the dresses are both cute and under thirty bucks.

If you are like me and trying to find something fun to serve up to your guests or take to a potluck, click here to check out my 4th of July Pinterest board. It’s got a wide range of food ideas, including some vegan and healthier options.

Have a safe and happy 4th!



P.S. If you find some downtime to read during the holiday, you can still get Girl off the Grid during release week, when we are donating 20% of our profits to the Sea Turtle Conservancy! Check out this review about the book:

“Jillian Dodd and Kenzie Harp transport the reader to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica with visceral scene setting, wildlife and their habitats all while delivering an informative lesson on eco-tourism and…who can forget one enticing slow burn romance in this stunning YA novel. I want to go there and see it for myself!” -The Romance Cover