The LIT Club by Ali Dent

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The LITClub experience will cause your child to say, “Mom, if we have to drop an activity, please don’t let it be LitClub.” — Gill Hassell, former nonreader.

The LITClub provides a fun environment to read the classics with your friends and family. With themed, preplanned menus and ready-made book conversation and project guides, The LITClub makes it easy for you to start a club. Whether you start a club with your friends or you want a club to share reading with your children, The LITClub will hold your hand from start to finish.

Developed by a 23-year homeschool veteran as a means for her dyslexic daughter to complete high school English without tears, The LITClub takes the fear out of teaching literature and adds pleasure to the experience by utilizing themed meals, fun projects and plenty of time to hang out with friends.

You can stop there and enjoy The LITClub experience as an extra curricular activity or make use of the other tools provided in the book for a well-rounded English literature curriculum for a child of any age.

There’s no need to be an expert in literature to get the full benefit from The LITClub. Every part of the club is mapped out for you. Part I explains the reasoning behind the structure of The LITClub as well as the outcome you and your children can expect from your LITClub. Part II describes the individual tools available to The LITClub parent/facilitator and child including detailed explanations and samples so you can design a club to suit your needs. Part III allows you to facilitate four LITClub meetings, complete with ready-made materials. All ll you have to do is show up and enjoy an evening with your friends.

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