The Keatyn Chronicles: Keatyn’s outfits in Stalk me.

In The Keatyn Chronicles: Stalk me., Keatyn loves fashion. In researching what she would wear, I used Polyvore boards to create outfits for her. Then Polyvore became a fun obsession, and I created boards for the major outfits described in the book. I had hoped to include links in the book directly to the boards, but due to messy copyright laws, decided to post them on my blog instead. I don’t claim to own any of the photos on the boards. I just went shopping and created the looks. If you like any of the items you see and want them for yourself, click here to go to my Pinterest boards. From there, you can click again and go to Polyvore. If you click on each item, it will tell you the brand and where to purchase it. My friend, Jessie Miremadi, took the outfits I picked out and created the very cool boards you see here. If you love fashion like we do, you will LOVE Polyvore. It’s a great way to put outfits from multiple stores together to see how they look.

So here are the outfits described in the book along with the corresponding chapter title. (They are in chronological order, based on appearance in the book.)

Your dirty little secret.

(Dancing at the club.)

I’m way into her.

(Prom night.)

Be still my heart.

(Shopping in Malibu.)

Wear a bikini and scream.

(Concert at the Undertow.)

Too good to be true.


You definitely have the face.

(Dinner at Moon Beams.)

Possibly a little bit hotter.

(Monte Carlo party.)

I smell like a princess.


Some kind of fashion record.

(Vacation wardrobe.)

Hands all over your ass.

(Twisted Dreams London Concert.)

Hands all over your ass.

(London club.)

So this summer was amazing . . .

(Dinner on the beach.)

I mean, hell, no.

(Hotel, poolside.)

The boy who likes all of me.

(Birthday Party.)

Keatyn Douglas is no more.

(School orientation.)

Died and gone to hottie heaven.

(School carnival.)