That Wedding: Inspirations from EventChic Dallas

Many readers have asked how I went about planning Jadyn and Phillip’s wedding in the book, That Wedding. If you didn’t read the acknowledgements in the back of the book, here is an excerpt on how the wedding was planned.

And the BIGGEST THANK YOU of all, goes to Amy Borders. Amy is the owner of EventChic, a Dallas wedding and event planning company. (Did you notice the wedding planner in the book is named in her honor?) I met Amy just a few years ago, when she was crazy enough to help me decorate for the Dallas alumni’s Chi Omega Christmas. Recently, I sent her a simple email. It was something like, Hey, wanna help me plan a wedding? You gotta love your sorority sisters, they are up for anything!!  She jumped right in. My most favorite details for the wedding came from Amy. Like using the roses Jadyn saved from her parents’ burial in the wedding. The hanging branch altar that inspired one of my favorite scenes in the book. (Phillip and Jadyn in the tree when they were in trouble.) Phillip’s “ultimate profession of love” of four dozen flowers as some of the centerpieces. The wedding night bathroom scene from the dessert fairy – the desserts, flowers, and lots of candles. The wild Husker themed after party. I about laughed my ass off when she sent me a photo of the bleachers and lounge furniture with the caption that said, Can’t you just picture someone passed out here? And who’s that making out behind the bleachers? Naturally, I had to put that in the story. Much like Jadyn, when I went to her, I had some colors picked out, wanted romance, and had a dress in mind. She made the wedding personal, special, and real in my mind. If you need a wedding planner, you might wanna call her. (Sorry though, Amy. Although you did tell me no keg stands for the bride and groom, I knew Phillip’s fraternity brothers would never allow that.) You can contact Amy on twitter @EventChicDallas or visit her website.

Below are the inspiration boards I used when writing about their wedding.