That Wedding – A Sneak Peek!

I am so truly blessed by all the great response I’ve gotten from those of you that have read my book, That Boy. I’ve made so many new friends on Twitter, Facebook, and goodreads. Many of you have encouraged me to keep writing, and I don’t know if you realize what that means to me.

When I first wrote parts of That Boy about six years ago, I loved the story. My family and friends encouraged me to finish it, to publish it. But publishing it was the hard part. I had no clue what I was doing. I’m a Textiles, Clothing, and Design Major, for God’s sake! I didn’t know how to find an agent, find a publisher, and honestly, was pretty overwhelmed with the process. I looked into self publishing, basically paying someone to print the books that I would then have to try and distribute to make back the money. Aside from the up front money that I would’ve had to take away from my family, it also seemed overwhelming.

Last year, my husband cut out an article from the Wall Street Journal that discussed the rise of the ebook. How it is the up and coming trend. I knew that. I owned a kindle, a smart phone. I was already reading books that way. He told me I should do it. Get the book polished up and epublish it myself. That was easier said than done. I can’t tell you how long I messed around with trying to convert it myself. Once again, hubby saw my frustration, said, Please pay someone to do it! So I did. I can’t thank Art at Digital Content Center enough for helping me make my dreams a reality. For a very minimal price, he converted my book professionally and pretty much held my hand through the process. Once it was complete, it was time to upload my book and wait for it to hit the NY Times Best Seller’s List. Or not.

I used to check my sales stats weekly, and would be so excited when I’d sold just one book. I’d wonder who bought it, why they bought it, what they thought about it. I was also slightly petrified to know what they thought of it. I’ve decided writing a book is a lot like raising a child. You nurture it, help it grow, then you send it off to school. And you pray you raised it right.

I get so excited when you message me through social media. So please keep doing it!! I love talking about Danny’s abs, or who would play Phillip in the movie version. When you tell me I should write more books, that you want more, I’m still shocked and humbled. It’s amazing, and I can’t thank you all enough. The book has sold way more than I ever thought a little love story about best friends from Nebraska would.

I can’t pay you all back for your kind comments, great reviews, and support, but I can give you more. Most of you know, I’m hoping to release That Wedding in January. I’m also hoping to release two more books in a new series, tentatively called The Keatyn Chronicles, this year. For a little sneak peek at that series, you can check out this blog  post. The passage quoted is from the first book in the series.

And now, the big thank you. The first twenty-six pages of That Wedding. Click here to download the PDF file.

Thank you for all your support this year!

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!