Spy Girl is Now Released!

Spy Girl is Now Released!

SPY-GIRL-ebook-amazonYour mission, should you choose to accept it: 
Get close to the hottest Prince on the planet.
Keep him safe.
Uncover the plot to assassinate him.
Kill the bad guys.
Don’t blow your cover.
And don’t fall in love.

She’s been trained to kill a man with a paper clip, tail a mark without his knowledge, is a master of disguises, and once during a training jumped out of a three-story building using nothing but an embroidered hankie as a parachute. She’s the star student at Blackwood Academy. Only instead of excelling at normal collegiate activities like keg stands and frat parties, she’s an expert marksman, speaks seven languages, is skilled at covert affairs, and can hack into any computer. She’s only a few months away from graduation and, hopefully, a coveted spot as an agent for the underground anti-terrorist agency, known only as Black X.
But is Spy Girl ready?
And at what cost?

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Spy Girl Contest:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Complete three of the following by April 18th and be entered in to win a $50.00 gift card!

1.  Share the below Order Link and Graphic for Spy Girl on Facebook or Instagram and tag @jilliandodd and using #SpyGirl

2.  Share the Spy Girl Trailer on Facebook tagging @jilliandodd and using #SpyGirl Jillian’s Facebook The video is the pinned post.

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Winners will be chosen April 25th.



I’ve had people ask about spoiler group. Come join myself and other readers to discuss Spy Girl.

When: Starting April 12th at 8am EST
Where: Jillian Dodd’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JillianDodd1

There are 8 different threads all marked as spoiler threads with discussion topics. 

Spoiler thread #1: What did you think about the book overall?

Spoiler thread #2: Let’s talk about the Blackwood Academy and the Dean.

Spoiler thread #3: Let’s talk boys! The Prince, Daniel, Terrance, Ari, Peter, Viktor, and Intrepid. What did you think of them? Good guys, bad guys, or just plain sexy? And why.

Spoiler thread #4: Let’s talk about the locket and the watch. About her parents. What are your theories?

Spoiler thread #5: Girl Power! Let’s talk about Huntley (Agent X) What did you think of her? Did she surprise you in any of her actions? Do you think she will be a good spy? Do you think she will go on more missions?

Spoiler thread #6: Theories, conspiracies . . . What do you think is going on? What do you think will happen next?

Spoiler thread #7: Ask me any questions you may have about Spy Girl. I’ll try to answer them all. (Although, they may be a bit cryptic in some cases.) 

Non-Spoiler thread: If you have read Spy Girl, leave a quick spoiler free comment and tell others what you thought of the book. (*commenters have the chance to win a signed paperback.)