Stalk Me: The Soundtrack.


Wild Ones by Flo Rida

“Why don’t you dump the Sandman? Come play with Cush?”
The Scene: Come play with Cush.

Crave you by Flight Facilities

This is the kind of song that would have played when she took Cush dancing with her at The Side Door.
The Scene: Your dirty little secret.

Surfer Girl by The Beach Boys

Not Twisted Dreams’ version, but definitely describes Keatyn and Brooklyn’s laid back relationship.
The Scene:  Abs to freaking die for.

Stolen By Dashboard Confessionals

Brooklyn stole her heart two years ago when he taught her how to surf. She’s very happy when they finally get together.
The Scene:  When our lips finally meet.

Beautiful People by Chris Brown

This song sums up the Monte Carlo party that Vanessa and RiAnne throw to figure out who should sit at their table next year. Keatyn doesn’t really want to be a part of it.
The Scene: Possibly a  little bit hotter.

Tonight by John Legend

Sexy, seductive song for a night with Cush.
The Scene: Please say yes.

Hit and Run by Breathe Carolina

Cush plans a special night.
The scene: I smell like a princess.

All You by The Cataracs

The song that Alex Littleton turns up when Cush does body shots off Keatyn at a party. Also a song that I listened to a lot when writing Cush and Keatyn scenes.
The Scene: Body shots!

Monster by Skillet

How Keatyn feels when she realizes what she’s turned into in trying to go up against Vanessa.
The Scene: The biggest bitch of all. 

Love Life by He is We

Licking her wounds in France, Keatyn is trying to figure out her screwed up love life.
The Scene: My life is a mess. 

Float Away by Robbie Rivera

The summer of waves or the summer of love? Forgetting about the real world on a beach somewhere in Europe with Brooklyn.
The Scene: Keats for my Keats.

Russian Privejet by Basshunter

Keatyn having a ball dancing in a London disco. Brooklyn, not so much.
The Scene: Hands all over your ass.

Since You’ve Been Gone by A Day to Remember

Keatyn decided to breakup with Brooklyn. Especially the parts where she says she’s so moving on.
The Scene: All bullshit aside, I did. 

Happy Birthday by Click Five

Although the lyrics of this song doesn’t exactly fit, this is how I envision Twisted Dreams sounding.
The Scene: All bullshit aside, I did. 

Sirens by Angels and Airwaves

 This song makes me think of all the stuff that is going through Keatyn’s head after the incident. She’s afraid to be at home. Can’t talk to her friends. Afraid she asked for this. Can’t wake up from a bad dream.
The Scene: Click your heels together.

Breathe by He is We

Everyone thinks she’s handling things well, but she knows she’s just good at faking it. This is sort of the theme song for the book. For the series. She’s doing what she has to- to survive. She’s trying to protect her family and, most of all, her little sisters.
The scene: Keatyn Douglas is no more.

Only One by Sammy Adams

I absolutely adore this song. The question is, which of the many boys she’s met at boarding school might be thinking she is his only one? That no other girl compares to her?
The Scene: I’ve died and gone to hottie heaven.
Check out the soundtrack for the next book, Kiss Me, here


  1. I love Aiden and Dawson!! But I dont like it how dawson just left Keatyn for Whitney. 🙁

  2. I legit loved the first book! I was dying to get my hands on the second one, and my mom gave in the morning after I finished Stalk Me. I think I honestly LOVED Vincent. And No, I don’t think that’s weird. He was so nice, but I kinda knew he would try to steal her. His story wasn’t adding up lol.

  3. I think Riley and Dallas are my favorites, if I could meet book characters, it’d be them 🙂 I’ve bought several song that are on the playlists, I use this to find music! Haha. Looking forward to more books by you 😀

  4. I am in L-O-V-E with dawson. Execept for when i thaught he ditched keatyn! but omg your writing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!

  5. Love your song choices! I just had a question, will kiss me be out on iBooks on November 28 also? It would mean so much if you answered. I’ve been hooked on stalk me and read it in a day!

    1. Yes, it should be out on all major formats (iTunes, B&N, Amazon, and Kobo) on the 28th. Unless something unexpected happens, but it is all ready to upload!!

      1. Thanks! I’m so exicited! Oh and you and daughter have amazing taste in music. My favorite is “Only one” but I’m defiently team Cush, he’s amazing <3 Aiden would be my next choice.