Date Me: Keatyn’s Dance Mix


 In Date Me, Keatyn attempts to teach Aiden how to dance.

These are the songs on her playlist.

Check out the next Date Me soundtrack, The Afterparty Soundtrack here


  1. What was the song that they made the video for on the plane…that has to be one of my favorite parts in the book!!

    1. The soundtrack is getting put up today, but it is The Cataracs, Top of the World.

  2. I love Date Me! I read it in one day and can’t wait until the next one!!! I’m going through withdrawls since I read it so quickly. Did you have a song in mind when Keatyn, Dallas, and Riley make the video in the jet? That’s one of my favorite parts of the book!

  3. love this series , but when does date me come out and what time is coming out please write me back!!!!!

    1. Date me is available for pre-order on both Amazon and Kobo. It will release April 9th. With Amazon, that usually means between midnight and 2am PST.

  4. Its Actually So Weird I Can Imagine Keatyn and Aiden Dancing To These Songs Soo Clearly!!

    1. Thanks!! We work hard (my daughter and I ) on the playlists. I’m constantly Shazaming songs on my phone!