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  1. I’ve been reading your books the last two and half days and would like to proudly say I have read your that boy series and loved how you continued Jadyn and Phillip’s story. When I looked at the also by Jillian Dodd section on google play (as i read most.of my books on google play) I noticed this series and gave it a shot. I am currently just starting the fourth and am very sure that I will enjoy as I have enjoyed the previous three. I believe it was around the time I was finishing the second book Kiss Me when I scrolled through the comments section and noticed you often respond and you did just that to somebody who mentioned her wishing it were a tv show and you replied saying she should write to somebody. I would like to inform you that although I’m not that girl that I remembered Pretty Little Liars was so popular with my friends and that it is on abc family so I am going to write to them in the next week or so suggesting to them they turn it into a tv show after all pretty little liars and gossip girl were books first. Anyway thats all I hope you read this and respond if not oh well. I wish you the best of luck, Lea.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I’m so glad you’ve discovered my books on Google Play and enjoyed them. And yay for thinking Keatyn would make a good TV series. I totally agree and hope it happens someday too!

  2. TKC are officially My. Favourite. Books. Ever!
    I want this to become a movie so bad but I’m a little scared that they won’t compare to the books 🙁
    Whoever’s idea it was to put the clothes of the characters on this website: you are a genius xx

    1. Well thank you! I was a design major in college and my background before writing was in buying and retail. I started making the boards for myself, so I could describe K’s outfits to you all, but then I thought they would be fun to share! The Get Me boards will be out soon!

  3. Hey Jullian! Question- can you make ‘Hate Me’ come out sooner? I can’t wait any longer! And same with ‘Come and Get Me’, can they both come out sooner?? And lastly, how were you inspired to write such an adventurous story like Keatyn’s?
    Me and my Best friend are OBSESSED with this series and hope you decide to continue it for a while 🙂 By the way… TEAM AIDEN <3

    1. Well, believe it or not, it takes me some time to write these stories. So I don’t see moving up the release dates. Although Get Me will probably release a few days early on iBooks. I have no idea how I came up with the idea. I have weird dreams, mostly! And even when Keatyn’s series ends, there will be spin off stories with characters from the KC, so you will still get to live it that fun world. I’m glad you are enjoying the books!!

  4. If I pre-order Hate Me on iTunes does that mean i will ba ble to read it right after I get it? Btw I LOVE THE KC BOOKS

  5. I started reading the series and now I’m on the last available book when I found out Arians last name was Arrington I flipped because my BFF who’s a guy his last name is Arrington can’t wait for April I’m definenetly getting a book the day it comes out

    1. That’s fun!! I used to babysit for a family with that last name. You should pre-order it on iBooks 🙂

  6. Omg I absolutely love your books!!!!!!<3 I am in love with Aiden!<3 please please let keatyn end up with Aiden<3 If they end up together you will become my favorite writer!!! You'll be better then Nicholas sparks! I can't wait for adore me<3 even tho the way the preview ended made me mad-_- lol. You are amazing<3 I love reading your books they make me feel like I'm part of the story<3

    1. Thank you!! Being better than Nicholas Sparks would be quite the accomplishment!! LOL I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed K’s journey so far and the island will be fun!!

  7. Your books are so perf!!! GREATJOB Team Adian who’s team r u on and I spent a little to much in the books on iTunes but just to let you know I went through stalk me kiss me and ate me in a week 🙂 I wake up at 4 o’clock I the morning just to read them You should be proud maybe bring the prices down a bit thanks:))

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the books. Book one is FREE and book two is currently 99 cents. Considering you can read 4 books for $10 that seems really reasonable to me. Less than a two hour movie.

  8. this might be a weird question, but would you mind telling me the name of the font you used in that box at the top? (Keatyn’s outfits in love me[…])

  9. I wish you could keep writing these books forever! I found the first book in the free books section on iBooks and was instantly hooked I read the first 3 books and waited all summer for love me.. I couldn’t wait and now I can’t wait for adore me coming in NOvember!!! Is there anyway you can make it come out sooner????? Like pretty pretty please with a cherry on top????

  10. I never pictured myself to be 48 years old and loving this series so much; or adding a comment! The series and site are so good I am even recommending it to co-workers. The additional material on your site is great and adds to the enjoyment of the series. You have great taste. I really like the photos you chose for Aiden, who I happen to favor for the HEA. Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Thank you. I myself am the daughter of two teenagers, but I love reading YA and being taken back to that exciting time in my life.

  11. I love the clothes section i read all of the series so far in like 3 days i cant wait for Hate Me to come out!!! when is it coming out??? i am now officially a major fan and i will be reading That Boy as soon as i can get some money to buy it!!! also how do i join the addicts fan group? or is it like a Facebook page or something? I LOVE YOUR BOOKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!

    1. If you click on the KC Addicts here on my website, there is a link for the facebook group. And I’m glad you like them. Adore Me comes out November 23rd. Hate Me April 12th.

  12. Love all the clothes!! My fave is the dress from the French rest with Aiden!!! Just wondering if a dream cast will be added with some shots of a would be Cooper Steele???? Thanks for the books they are awesome!!!! Can wait for Adore Me, but I’m sad we have to wait soooo long for Hate Me, but you know we will…;-)

  13. Ahh I love it!!!! I love the shoes in for a rainy day and the boots in life can follow a script. But my favorites are the black feather ones. <3

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