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  1. I just bought your whole set and litterly read this in four days! I love your serious and I love how you actually had samples of the clothes she would choose to wear ! (: great idea it’s different from other authors . My question will you be making the clothes and sell them ? Because I woull total buy a bunch of these cute outfits ! (:

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. I wish i could make all the clothes and it would be my dream to have a Keatyn inspired clothing line! In the meantime, you can click to the boards on Polyvore and if you click each item, it will show you where you can buy it, what brand it is, etc.

  2. Hi Jillian,

    Have you ever considered making this a tv show or better yet a movie?! Well, you really should. You’re a really good author. The Polyvores are nice but you could create a another type of visual aid so your fans (like myself) would get a better understanding. They could get a better one by seeing what they would look like, how they would sound, etc. I love your books keep up the great work!!

    Sincerely, Teirra

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not up to the author if it’s made into a TV show or a movie. You typically have to sell a whole lot of books, hit the NYTBS lists, and things like that for Hollywood to take notice. If you think it would be good on TV, let your favorite network know!

  3. Hi I loved you first book at read it In 4 days! I loved everything about it how you described all of the characters and how you talked about high school people really relate to that, I would love to read your second book! is their anyway I could find it online some place or something I feel like I need to read it I just don’t know where:(

  4. Hi! I had read the first book I think it’s amazing!!! I’d like to read the second one, but I’m not very good at english, so I’m searching for the second one (kiss me) in spanish. Is that possible? Thankssssss and I realy enjoy the way you write, and I like Keatyn’s story because is differen than other ones, is like, I don’t know, she don’t know realy what she want, is like a common girl, well a common girl with an actres’s mom and an amazing way of life jeje. Well, I hope you can answer, an lot of luck for your future, and your books.

    1. The series is not yet available in Spanish. That’s something I will be working on next year.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I absalutely love your books!!!!! Like all the other comments, you should totally make a TV series. And by the way Dawson seems really hot, but it’s hard to choose between him and Aiden. Which would you choose? P.s. Even reading this book made me hate people like Whitney!!!!!! She seems like a bitch. Excuse my language but it’s true.

    1. Thank you! I would love to see the series in movie or TV form. Dawson is super hot. Super sweet. It’s hard to choose. And whitney is a big b. ….

  6. Hi Jillian it was wondering where do you find the skirt you use for Keatyns school clothes and if you are ever going to make theses books into hard copes? Thanks for your answer and love you and your books soooooooo much and I really love Aiden too thanks for making him the character he is <3 <3

    1. All the books are available as paperbacks at most online book retailers. You can also special order them through your local B&N. Her skirt is from Hollister.

    1. My goal is for it to be a TV series, but we’ll have to see! Tell your networks that you watch that you want it to be!!

  7. Omg I love these books so much!! Team Dawson all the way!! I soo hope there will be movies soon!! These books are seriously like my drugg like no frikkin joke!

    1. Dawson is hot. Fun. The perfect boy for her at that time in her life. I think it would make an awesome TV show!

  8. Omg I just finished Kiss me!! loved it soooo much I cant wait till I can buy the next book!! And Omg team Dawson all the way!!Uggh these books are like totally my drug like no joke! I sure hope they make them into movies!! That would be so frikkin awesome!

  9. Who’s that girl that’s on the cover of all your books?? She’s really pretty. And I absolutely LOVE these books!!

  10. Is there going to be a movie or TV series for these books? I love them so much and would love to see them brought to life!

  11. Sorry about my name I’m worried about hackers,but anyway is it possible to make your second book (kiss me)free on iBooks? The first book was amazing but I don’t want to pay for the second or any book! I’ve never even bought an app,I only get free things so it would really mean a lot to me if you could do that! Thanks!:)

    1. Writing and selling books is my job. So I can’t offer all my books for free. I have to earn a living for my family. Or quit writing.

    1. There is no TV series yet. If you are referring to the front of the book where it says it’s LIKE A TV SERIES, it means there is no recap of the previous book. It’s one continuous story.

  12. currently reading kiss me! Omg i absolutely loooveee your books and these outfits are fabulous. I love reading a chapter then being able to come here and get a visual of what Keatyn was wearing its perfect!! Love you 🙂

  13. I’m literally obsessed with these books. My only problem is that I read them too fast so I get sad when they are over haha. I’m definatly going to start my own look book like Kym made I think it’s such a great idea!!

    1. I agree!! To everything actually! I started making my own electronic look book on my phone so no matter what it’s always handy!!

    1. If you click on the top part where I wrote, it takes you to the actual polyvore boards, which show you all the pieces and their brands. Those shoes are Christian Louboutins.

      1. Oh my gosh they are beautiful, thank you for telling me! Im a big fan, love all your books I reread them all the time 🙂 I know hes not in this series but Danny Diamond and Keatyn would make an amazing couple (I can dream right!). <3 <3 <3

  14. I had to add the pretty red floral Free People dress Keatyn wore in book one to my wardrobe already. I think I might have to add a few things from book 2 as well.

    1. Free People has adorable little dresses! I love the dress she wears car shopping with Dawson. It’s Free People too!

      1. It’s actually been on my wish list for a while. But since I move from Australia to America in a few weeks I thought I’d wait and save myself a little on shipping. I’m a big Keatyn fan so I’m going to try to buy something Keatyn from each book.

  15. Love everything above, Jillian I think if you put the “Cush” boots on your Merchandise page, people would buy them! I know I would! (well… The knock off ones, I couldn’t afford the real ones. LOL). They are adorable!

  16. Kara – completely agree, Dawson is hot hot hot. I need Keatyns wardrobe and her bank account.

    Jillian if you ever get writers block you need to go into fashion 🙂

  17. I LOVE everything about these looks! They are everything that I imagined theywould be! By golly Jillian, you are brilliant! I love me some Keatyn…but I would really love me some Keatyn and Aiden 🙂 You’re awesome!!!

    1. Thank you! Aiden and her certainly had that initial spark. But Dawson is pretty hot. Hard to choose!!

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