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  1. So omg I have read the series like 3 times and I’m so glad my friend told me about it, the clothes looks awesome and ur books are my favourite. Now that I finished them I can’t find anything else to read cause nothing compares to how amazing these books are. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for writing this series it is an inspiration to Me When I write.

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad your friend recommended the series and that you loved it! It’s been a fun series for me to write!

  2. Are the clothes ever for sale? Cause I’m like in love with these clothes and this series! Also will there ever be a movie or tv for these?

    1. All of the clothes are for sale at online retailers. If you click to the polyvore boards, or find my profile on Polyvore, you can click on each item to see where it’s from. And I would love for there to be a TV or Movie, but so far, Hollywood hasn’t called me.

  3. I’ve been waiting for the clothes for get me … Could they come out a little sooner ? Please it’s been since like August I’ve been checking your website everyday

    1. Have you left a review for the book on Amazon? Once we get to 350 reviews, I’ll release the boards.

  4. Hey I seriously love your book lik they are the most addictive things in the world but in the nicest way possible the only problem is they are all pretty fairly priced until the fith book which is at 4.49 on the App Store- would it be possible to lower these prices a little as before it was 3.49?? <3 otherwise best books in the world!!!!

    1. I’m really glad you enjoy the series, but pricing is set so that I can continue to write books and earn a living for my family. I offer books one and two in the series for free. I don’t know if you work but how would you feel if I asked you to take a dollar less an hour?

  5. I can’t wait to see the get me clothes but on amazon thre is still in the high 200’s. Do you think that you will put the get me clothes up on this website if it doesn’t reach 350 reviews?

  6. I just reread the series(again) and totally fell in love all over again! I absolutely love the series and am soo happy with who Keatyn chose. When will the clothes for Get Me be up, and when they are will pictures or sketches of the rings be up too because I am dying to see them!

  7. HOLY MOTHER OF HOTTIE GOD!!!!!! I just finished the series and i have no idea what to do with myself now! I cant move on from this amazing story! The way you wrote all of this has left me in awe. It is just perfect! You are like an idol to me i used to write little short stories and i have kind of always wanted to write a book. This is like my inspiration thank you for an amazing adventure that so many of us have enjoyed. I so hope this becomes movies or tv series this needs to be on full detail on a big screen! Good luck for any future books and i think im going to read you other series now!

  8. I finished get me and it’s amazing!! I cried so much, this whole series was an emotional journey thank you for writing. Are you going to be putting the outfits up like you did with the rest of the books because I’d love to see how the images in my head compare to what you were thinking when you wrote it. Thank you again! x

    1. Yes, I have outfits picked out. Just haven’t had the chance to create the boards yet. And I’m so glad you liked Get Me. It’s my favorite book of the series 🙂

  9. Wow! I just finished the last book, and it had the perfect ending. In the beginning of the book I was worried the out come wouldn’t be what I wanted, but you exceeded all my expectations. I can’t believe you made us think Cooper was dead, AND Tommy, AND Mat. I just about died. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful and entertaining books, and I so think you should go on a book signing tour…just saying 😉 # IFLY

    (Sorry I sent this twice I typed in the wrong email the first time

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I’ve done a whole bunch of book signings in the last two years. I have two left this year. Details are on my Events page 🙂

    2. OMG ME TOO!!!!!Ni was so sad and scared not knowing what to think! Hey Jillian. You should do a book about Aiden, Cooper, Keatyns sisiters(all in a book/same series ), her parents, Damian, Brookyln b4 he died then someone like keatyn can take over that last bit and write down what happened to Brooklyn, Peyton and the list goes on BUT IDK WHAT TO THINK OR TO WRITE DOWN YOU HAVE SO MANY OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM LIKE YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT ALLLLLL DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES AND O…..M……F……G…. ID GO ………INSANE!!!!!! #ifly and your amazing books!!!

      1. I have continued their story in Captive Films and I have a lot of stories planned for the future. Lots of characters to choose from.

  10. Wow! I just finished the last book, and it had the perfect ending. In the beginning of the book I was worried the out come wouldn’t be what I wanted, but you exceeded all my expectations. I can’t believe you made us think Cooper was dead, AND Tommy, AND Mat. I just about died. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful and entertaining books, and I so think you should go on a book signing tour…just saying 😉 # IFLY

  11. I had an absolute breakdown at the end of Hate Me. No joke. I hate, but love the way it ended! I swear, you’re like a freaking genius. Or, The God of All Writers(;
    Cannot wait for Get Me. My mom is sick of me talking about it, aha(:

    1. Hate Me ended roughly. I was really sad for K, but really proud of how she handled herself. And what she did for P, certainly shows her growth!! Only a few more days! I have a lot of mom/daughter readers!!

  12. I just had a major breakthrough. A few seconds ago I was reading a part (in Hate Me) where Keatyn is talking to Cooper about if she were to get kidnapped, he would have to “come and get me” and I was like

    1. I don’t have a release date. I’m writing Get Me right now and it will be my next release.

  13. i swear this is the best series i have ever read. i absolutely love Riley! have your ever thought of anything major happening to him? and please please give aide happy ending i think it would totally ruin the ending if he didn’t come after her and love her again!

  14. I opened a Instagram account for the keatyn chronicales that’s labeled fan page so it’d be amazing if you followed!! I’ve read all the books like a million times and your other series and can’t wait for the spin offs and my friend and I had to open a fan page because of our love for it!!

    1. Please label your instagram account as a “Fan site” so that you don’t get in trouble from a copyright standpoint. Thanks.

  15. Jillian I just wanted to say IFLY! I have read the series over and over again about 8 times (I swear I’m not exaggerated). Your books make me go through so many emotions, I laugh with the characters, I have cried more times than I am willing to admit 😉 , I smile, and some times they make me want to scream! (I’m pretty sure my family thinks I’m crazy when I am reading in my living room). I can’t wait for the last book to come out but I swear if you don’t put and epilogue where I get to read about little Keatyn and Aiden babies I will scream. You are my inspiration and please keep writing you are amazingly gifted and I hope I can be as gifted of a writer as you one day. (BTW I think you should make this series a TV show….I would definitely buy all of the seasons on discs!) PLEASE COMMENT BACK AND REMEMBER IFLY

    1. #ifly!! Thank you! I’m so glad you are enjoying the series. I agree that it would make a great movie or TV series. Let the networks that you watch know that’s what you want! There will be a few scenes in Get Me where you will get to see Keatyn 10 years later. And good luck with your writing!

  16. Where did u get did idea of the movie ‘a day at the lake’ and also i LOVE your books, i have read all of them about 4 times, and are u going to start a similar book series when you finish with this?

    1. I’ll definitely do some spin off character’s books. I really don’t know where I get my ideas, I guess I have a crazy imagination!!

  17. I about cried with the ending of hate me and now i absolutely cant WAIT for get me. I also really liked how you add the song in to the book. Im addicted to your books youre such an amazing and talented writer. Please hurry with get me, I CANT WAIT!!

  18. Ok, I’m freaking about the end of hate me and it’s going to hurt to have to wait all the way til August to read more about Keaytn and (hopefully) Aiden….. When will the preview for come and get me be coming out?
    And when will the spin offs of the keaytn chronicles be released and what will they be about?

  19. I love these books! I can’t wait until the next one! What does keatyn’s choas symbol look like?

  20. I love love love your books! Oh my I can’t wait until get me comes out I really hope widen and keatyn get married, there practically made for each other! If this is how all boarding school girls lives are like then I’m calling my parents and going to birding school!

    1. I wish I went to Eastbrooke!! I’m glad you are enjoying the series and hope you like who K chooses in the end 🙂

  21. I absolutely love this series and I am completely hooked! I just finished reading Hate Me and I cannot wait for Get Me, I would love to see this made into a TV series as I know many others would agree with me that the cast would have to be absolutely dreamy! I love all the clothes her and only just found this website, I would always wonder what Keatyn would look like and I found this and it’s perfect! Love the books Jillian! Just hurry and bring out Get Me! I’m already having withdrawals already! Ps. Where did you get your inspiration to write these books?

    1. I’m not sure where I get my inspiration. Dreams mostly. I’m so glad you like the series!! I was a design major in college so the clothes are one thing I love to do. And I think it would make an amazing TV series!! Let your favorite channels know!

  22. Gosh just finished like 20 mins ago reread it and started bawling. Could you maybe do a second follow up series with more books because I am obsessing over it please please please. I will love you and Aiden and Riley and Dallas and cooper and tommy and Annie and Maggie and jake and dawson and Camden and everyone. But witney there was a reason Camden told keatyn not to take witney to stolktons. God of all hotties is Keatyns moon boy plz. And feel free to email me at sky

  23. I absolutely ADORDED the series. But I hated the ending to Hate Me. I don’t think that Keatyn should have added another lie to everything, and I really wish she just left with Aiden and told him the truth about eveything. Other than that I am in love with Aiden, Riley and Dallas and wish I had friends like them and that I went to Eastbrooke.
    I can not wait for Get Me, but I really am so disappointed with how Hate Me ended.

    1. hopefully you can appreciate the growth that K showed in that scene. She really did something really selfless, both in saving Peyton and trying to protect Eastbrooke.

  24. I love your books! I am 40 (ok well 39 not 40 yet!) and I have all of my friends reading your books. You are an amazing writer. I finished Hate Me in a day and a half. As I am waiting on the last book, I have started the series over from the beginning.

    1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad you are loving my books and even better that you’ve shared them with your friends. Thank you!

  25. The outfits are cool but i dont know what chapters they are from. Im obsessed with the books thank you so much for writing them i absolutely love you!!!!

    1. Well, there is a quote from the scene. You can find that quote on your reader and it will take you to the scene.

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