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  1. i truly am stuck with who i like the most! all the boys are amazing and to be honest and it wouldn’t matter to me who keatyn ends up with. maybe even a new guy that has yet to be introduced, I do love the johnson boys though!! especially Riley and dawson! I cant wait for April!!!!!

  2. I love this series it took a day or less to read each book!! I love the Johnson Boys but Aiden is perfect for her! I want them to go back to Eastwood! If you were going to wright about each character do Damian first!! Can’t wait till April 15th I’m gunna buy that boy now:)))

  3. If a book comes out about Riley I will be the first to read it! Riley is also another one of her friends I think she should stay close to. D, B, and Riley. But she should be with Aiden I think. But Keaytn will pick the right one in the future. It would be so awesome to do some spinoffs off this book series because just like she said….. Once this book series is done I will be pretty lonely.

    1. Riley will be one of the first characters to get his own book and K will definitely still be part of his life. They will be long time friends!

  4. For me it’s team Dawson all the way! I know what he did sucked but I would have taken his apology, got back together and make him suffer a bit. Sometimes when i reread these books I seriously just go back to the parts with my favorite guys Dallas, Riley, Dawson, Braxton, and Camden. I agree Aiden is ridiculously hot but I couldn’t take a guy who pissed me off all the time and just walked away in the middle of a conversation like he does. You know a guy truly care after he shatters his computer after because he realized what an idiot he was for letting her get away 🙂 I’m Team Dawson + Keatie all the way. Can’t wait for #5 and #6 to come out and see what happens with Keatyn. Love your books Jillian! Keep them coming!

    1. Well, the books will still be around after it’s over and I’ll be doing some spinoffs books with characters from the series. Riley will probably be the first to get his own book.

  5. Why aren’t there Team Cush anymore? I love all of Keatyn’s boys, well except for Brooklyn, but i was really sad when Cush didnt stay in love with keatyn. Right now i just finished reading Date Me and still wondering if Cush will ever show up somehow again. However, next to The Cushman, i LOVED Dawson with Keatyn. For the whole time i was reading Date Me, i was always wishing Keatyn wouldn’t screw up what she has with Dawson since Aiden was kinda irresistable. Too bad Dawson messed up. Now i hate him! </3 Anyhow, I'm gonna do an all-nighter to finish Love Me ( i just dont have the power to put down your books once i start reading!) 😉 You're really awesome Ms. Dodd! I can't thank you enough for writing That Boy and The KC series. More power! 😉

    1. There are still people who love Cush. But as the series goes on, with them both gone, they aren’t together. And I think as you read Love Me, you’ll see why. I’m glad you are enjoying the series!!

  6. I really like all the boys, Aiden sound like her soul mate, and so far just platonic love; but completely incompatible, they can’t talk without one storming out, or misunderstanding each other, as if they speak two different languages; operate on two different frequencies. Which makes relationship very difficult to be successful. For Aiden she is handful; Dawson relationship is so much easier and smooth, good communication, trust (well before he did what he did) honesty, and definitely she is not a handful for him. I would prefer for their love to grow because in long-term communication, trust and friendship is more important, someone that will ground you and not put your panties in a twist every other time you speak with them.

    but I know everything pulls toward Aiden, and this is teen book so it’s all about the “soul mate” fantasies.
    I love your books, thank you and please never stop writing.

    1. I love Dawson and think he was exactly what K needed at the time. But by his own admission, he’s not thinking she’s his long term girl.

      1. If there was ever anyone how can do anything about that – it would be you 😉 <3 one more Q. If K doesn't end up with D would he get his one book late on?

        1. Because there are some people that don’t survive the series, I can’t really comment on that.

  7. OMG I love The Keatyn Chornicles. Just wanted to say I started using Polyvore for my writing stories thanks to you Jillian! Team Aiden!

  8. Going with the looks of the cast my favourite looking is Dawson, but my favourite character used to be dawson but since the last book it changed to aiden. I love your books so much. Definitely my favourite series :)!!!

  9. I loooove Riley Soooo much I want a boy like him. But deffo team aiden coz he wants it to be right for when him and kateyn are together the first time but Dawson didn’t they were cute to get her but team aiden coz he is like in love with her and keatyn is for adien. And I love this sereis soooooo much they at the best books eva !! X

  10. Team aiden all the way!!!!! But I think she is going to spend thanksgiving with Brooklyn who is equally sweet but I don’t think he’s right for her. Please let it be Aiden in the end!!!! He is so sweet and they have their little things like the four leaf clovers and sunsets together and Keatyn will never be able to do those things with anyone else! Please let it be aiden!!! (Keatyn pout)

    1. I think both Brooklyn and Aiden have pretty special qualities. It will be interesting to see which of all the boys in the series is the right one for her!

  11. Sometimes we arent’t meant to be with the man we have grown with all our lives… He could be amazing, beautiful, kind, gorgeous with a rock god body but the choices we make lead us to our soulmate ( or in keatyns case ‘solemate’ haha). Moral of the story please don’t end her up with Damian, he’s family, it’s love. It’s always been love with him but of a different kind.

    1. MB= Moon Boy. In other words, the boy she wished for in Stalk Me and the boy she ends up with at the end of the series.

      1. Jillian Dodd first I want to say how excited I am for the second books to come out I have ready all the series on my fall break (one week) I’m slightly addicted and satisfied you are an amazing author I have read many teen love novels but this is by far one my favorite even comparable to the twilight novels! Thanks for the amazing story I get to be apart of everytime
        I turn the page and for giving me hope for my own MB,and expectations of life and love!

        1. The second book is out. Books 1-4.5 are currently published and books 5 and 6 are available for pre-order. I’m glad that you have enjoyed!

  12. As much as Dawnson and Keatyn are great together, it’s team AIDEN all the way for me!
    I don’t know how I’m going to cope with waiting till’ November for adore me!
    You’re a great author Jillian and I absolutely LOVE your books. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read them!

  13. I really can’t get over what you commented “maybe someone else will woo her”—-I’m almost afraid to read the following books to find out she didn’t end up with Aiden. How can that be? You set him up to be the “moon boy”. I would understand if the Aiden-Keatyn love story will be sidetracked since there are still 2. 5 books left —but as long as they’ll be together in the end—I will be completely happy and satisfied. So, PLEASE!!!! listed to all of us and let it be AIDEN in the end.

  14. PLEASE!!!! Let Keatyn end up with AIDEN!!! Girls / ladies need to know that we deserve to be treated nice and be wooed. I would be soooo disappointed if she ends up with anther guy. And no more boys pls…way too much hook up, borderlining to being a slut.

      1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! You made Aiden perfect already—he’s like a god but still human with his slight flaws. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…no more new guy. I BEG YOU!!! Can you move the release date of adore me much earlier than Nov. 23?

  15. Okay this is probably not going to happen but i would like to see Keatyn with someone like Dallas or Damian or RILEY LIKE OMGGGG or at least for her to have some sort of thing with them. LIKE SERIOUSLY I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR BOOKS!!!!! but if that doesn’t happen i want her to end up with Aiden

    1. It’s so funny to hear one person say she shouldn’t be with anyone else because she’s borderline slutty, and others want her with all the boys!! She will not end up with Riley or Dallas, as they will be good friends for a long time!


      2. I hope her and Dawson stay together.. I truly thinks he loves her.. But i dont think she loves him back.. Yet. Ugh. Team Dawson all the wayy. If they do break up or whatever I hope they arent friends because you cant go from molten lava love/lust to being just friends. Thats just not right. And Aiden is just so cliche.. 🙁

        1. I totally agree with Tiffany! I really like Keatyn and Dawson!!!! But if she can’t end up with Dawson I would want it to be Brooklyn. I’m so addicted to these books! You just fall in love with the characters! I also LOVE the Johnson boys especially Riley!

  16. I am totally addicted to the Keatyn series. I have now read all four books and they have kept me sane during nurse practitioner school!!!!!!!! I am totally rooting for Dawson! I think he is perfect for Keatyn and hope they end up together. I love that her two best friends are guys. I can totally relate! Thanks for this awesome series and I am hoping the months pass by quickly, I cannot wait to read the next one!


  17. I AM TOTALLY TEAM AIDEN!!! ILL SCREAM IF SHE ENDS UP WITH ANYONE ELSE OMG. And I honestly really hope that she dosent meet any new boys on her thanksgiving trip. I hope Aiden comes with Keatlyn and they make-up because they are MEANT for each other, and if she started to have a thing with another guy there would be too many boys. PLEASE PLEASE LET AIDEN AND KEATLYN END UP TOGETHER.


  19. Am I the only person that wants her to end up with Riley? Lol I really do hope they end up together, he’s so sweet <3 x #TEAMRILEY

  20. I love dawson and all the Johnson boys but plzzzzz let it be aiden!!! I love him/them! I’ve read all the books. In fact, I read them all in a very short period of time and I am obsessed! At times I didn’t think aiden would really work out, but now! after reading all of them especially the last one(!) it HAS to be aiden! I’m sorry. But, I just, it has to be! Don’t get me wrong, I love dawson, but AIDEN!! Plz:'( I know you say she has a lot growing up to do, which yes she does, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be happy with somebody(cough cough aiden cough cough) in the end! I’m not saying this to be rude, but I’m pretty sure if she ended with somebody else I would be crushed! I love brooklynn too, before this last book I didn’t like him. At all. But I think they should be friends, you know cuz he was her first love but I don’t think they’re meant to be forever. Ya know what I’m saying?;) So, um, ya, there’s my opinion. In a very long/boring paragraph.:) I hope read it and at least take what I said into consideration:) (if you don’t that’s cool too cuz ur a amazing author so u dont like, need my help or anything but I’ve just been dying to give you my opinion:)) but, um, ya, I think that covers everything:)

    1. I think that as Keatyn grows up more and more, MB will become more apparent 🙂 And if you aren’t in the KC facebook addicts page – you should join us!

  21. I love those johnson boys, but i am totally team Aiden!! But if she ended up with Riley i wouldnt be to upset either;) Rileys prob my fav guy next to Aiden

  22. Screw Dawson. Go team AIDEN. <3.
    Hes (Dawson) hot. But being hot isnt all it takes. Aiden actually likes her. For her. Like every side of her.

    1. It’s hard to say who is perfect for her at this point. She still has a lot of growing to do.

  23. OMG!!!! PLEASE LET IT BE DAWSON IN THE END OR EVEN RILEY!!! I <3 THE JOHNSON BOYS!!!! I think if both her family and the Johnson family meeting would make for an interesting mix.

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