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Team Aiden


These pictures are fan made and are for entertainment purposes only.

No copyright infringement intended. A Special thanks to Melissa and Pernille for swooning over the God of All Hotties!


  1. Totally team Aiden for life!!!! He’s so freaking hot! He’s so perfect. I need my own God of All Hotties :'(

  2. totally team Aiden!! rereading the series!! absolutely my favorite series! but is it Peyton or Aiden who is in Keatyns grade? you mentioned in Date Me that they were a year apart…

  3. I started reading this series last year with atleast 3 of my friends and NOW half of the girls in my grade are reading/finished the KC and Captive Films series! I’ve read all of them and am in love with the series. Your books are amazing please continue with the AMAZING books. Can’t wait for more Ariel&Riley and Keatyn&Aiden. Aiden definitely sets the standards high!!

  4. I completely fell in love with all the characters and their lives in KC and the Captive Film series. I read both in just a week! One of the best series I’ve read in a long time! In some of your Q and As you said you might not continue with the Captive Films, but please please please do! I’m sure I speak for any of us when I say we will wait as long as it takes, just don’t leave us hanging!!! I’m so happy with Keatyns choice, and so enraged at Riley in the last episode. Keep it coming! <3

    1. I love the characters too and would love to continue writing about them. We’ll see how it sells and if enough readers want a Season Two.

  5. Like OMG I am totally in love with Aiden like AHH
    why does it seem impossible to find someone like him in real life like ah
    totally my favourite character in the WHOLE book
    almost cried when i thought they broke up

  6. I discovered the first book stalk me five days ago and have just finished the series, I read it everywhere I went. My emotions went into a roller coaster; i would laugh outloud, or cry in the middle of class, or just be in so much suspense I couldn’t move. I fell in love with this series and all the characters, I’m sad its over and will definately read the spin off series. Thank you for such amazing books, you are seriusly my new favorite author!

  7. I can honestly say that I have been team Aiden all the way, the way your described their relationship makes me want their love. I personally can’t wait to find my Aiden. Although I did think Keatyn and Dawson were a cute couple but for everyone who has read the books will understand why that didn’t work. I also have tried to figure out what would happen with Keatyn and B if b didn’t go on the surfing tour. I wanted to ask if you are going to do another book about Keatyn and Aiden when they are older ? I know you are doing a book on riley and I can’t wait but I would quite like to read about Aiden so if that ever happens I would love to read it. I would like to say that your books are amazing and that the characters are great and I wouldn’t change a thing about the Keatyn chronicles, it’s perfect x

  8. I love the Keatyn chronicles so much, it’s literally my obsession. I just finished get me and it was so good! I was just wondering if you’re planning on making anymore books in the series like another point of view or when Keatyn and Aiden are older. Thank you so much for writing these books you’re an amazing author.

  9. Aiden and Keatyn need to stay together.
    They will make it through everything. I want to believe that. Can’t wait for the release of get me. I’m counting down the days.

  10. They have to clear things out as soon as possible!! The book will be so sad if aiden won’t be by her side!!

  11. Although before I was completely team Dawson I think that’s changed. I can see that they are meant to be friends. Something in Hate Me just changed the dynamic of their relationship and Aiden suddenly became a totally amazing guy that if I was Keatyn I couldn’t live without.

    1. I think Aiden is an awesome guy. It will be interesting to see who she chooses!

  12. OMG please do not EVER end this series! I am so addicted to it! Never before have I spent so much money on iBooks

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it! The series will end with book 6, but I’ll be doing stories about some of the other characters.

  13. Finally, we get more of Keatyn and Aiden together in “Hate Me”—I can’t wait til August. Any chance you will release the last book early? KEATYN and AIDEN til the end!!! I hope they clear things out early in the last book and Aiden gets to stay by Keatyn’s side and help her get her life back.

    1. Get Me will release a few days early on iBooks. I think the 25th or 26th, but will release as planned on Amazon. (August 30th)

      1. You said it’s going to be released a few days earlier on ibooks.
        Is it still going to be released early , because on iBooks it says on 31st of August?

        Thank you so much for your amazing series!!! i fly all of them!!


  15. If Peyton leaves in December won’t her and Damian be able to be together. I guess I just don’t understand them not being able to be together if Keatyn leaves

  16. I heart this series so much. I am team Aiden by far. I think D and B are amazing friends but should stay friends. But Keatyn will make the right choice in the end. I am so upset she may be leaving boarding school though. I almost cried. Haha… Sounds kinda weird but its true. I also am so happy D found love. They are so cute together but never guessed that would happen. I cant wait until she tells Aiden. I hope its soon though. Anyways I just came here to say I love your book and that you are an amazing writer. My inspiration actually. Thanks for writing!

    1. Thank you!! The drama of K’s life is really fun to write about. And by the end of the series she will be very happy 🙂

      1. Omg hurry up with the next book I can’t beleive she might be leaving d and Peyton are adorable I wonder what’s gonna happen in the end

  17. OMG, I think that if Keatlyn ends up with B instead of Aiden I’m going to have a heart attack, Aiden is just the perfect guy.

  18. Keatyn and Aiden are made for each other, they really are fate. I absolutely loved B ,but Keatyn never acted the way she acts with Aiden with B. Please Keep Them Together #TEAMAIDEN<3<3<3

    1. I think it would translate well into TV!! So we’ll see. Tell your friends about the series as well as the TV channels you watch!

  19. I think that he is the best of her boyfriends and sure do hope that she break B’s promise…
    Can’t wait till the april and august…

  20. Idk why but for some reason I can’t comment on your homepage.. I just wanted to say I just read the sneak peek for Adore Me and I am SO excited! It’s exactly what I wanted to happen but somehow I kinda didn’t know that’s how I wanted it to happen?(if that makes any sense at all) But now I’m beyond curious; I simply can’t wait for November!♥

  21. oh my gosh!!! team aiden forver!! does anyone know what book or where it is when keatyn and aiden where watching the sunset and then he told her something his mom said about sunsets and it means shes lived another day and then he says he wants to watch a million sunets with her? I cant find it and I need to use the quote on a project. thanks!

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