Fan Character Boards: Aiden









What do you think?

Do any of these look like the God of All Hotties to you?

For your reference, below is what Jillian pictured when writing the book.






  1. The books are amazing!! I am clearly addicted and haven’t stopped reading since I bought the first one. Can’t wait for number 6 to come out tomorrow!! Yay!

  2. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH!! ♥♥ Your books are seriously THEE BEST. I am TOTALLY emailing some TV networks about this becoming a show or movie! Again, I love your books!<3 im about to start reading Adore Me! ♥

    1. That would be awesome! I think it would translate to TV really well!

  3. I only started reading your books less than a week ago and I can’t stop reading! Im already up to book 3! Would there be any chance this could be a tv series? Or movie?

    1. If you’d like it to be, let your favorite TV networks know. Like CW, ABC Family, MTV, etc. They are the ones who decide, not me.

  4. Oh my god I’m totally in love with Aiden since book 1! I’ve been cheering for him and Keats forever! Please let them end up together! My heart will break if they don’t!! ): They’re perfect for each other! He is my perfect dream boy <333

    1. I honestly don’t know all their names. You should join the KC Addicts group on Facebook! That’s where all the fan content comes from!

  5. haiii!!! Love love love ur books!!! I’m from the UK and was wondering where in England i can buy the paperback versions of the Keatyn Chronicles and the That Boy series,, but especially the Keatyn Chronicles because i have them on my kindle but would really like the paperbacks 🙂 thank youuuu xxx
    p.s. sorry this has nothing to do with the dream casting fan board thingss

  6. is there any possibility that this series will be made into a tv/movie series? this stuff is like ecstasy its so addictive! #GOTEAMARRINGTON

    1. I would LOVE it if they would be a TV series! We could see all her great clothes every week!!

  7. So I’m rereading Kiss Me, and I’m confused. Aiden is a junior, but Keatyn and Aiden are always alone in his room, even after curfew. Where/who is his roommate?

    1. Seniors get their own rooms, if there are rooms left after that, they go to future prefects. Aiden has his own room.