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That Wedding Inspirations

That Wedding Clothing.001That wedding Ceremony.001That wedding cocktails and dinner.001That wedding reception:dance.001That wedding after party.001 

AND the song that Jadyn and Phillip dance to for their first dance and at the swings is Keith Urban’s, I’m In.

If you didn’t read the acknowledgements in the back of the book, here is an excerpt on how the wedding was planned.

And the BIGGEST THANK YOU of all, goes to Amy Borders. Amy is the owner of EventChic, a Dallas wedding and event planning company. (Did you notice the wedding planner in the book is named in her honor?) I met Amy just a few years ago, when she was crazy enough to help me decorate for the Dallas alumni’s Chi Omega Christmas. Recently, I sent her a simple email. It was something like, Hey, wanna help me plan a wedding? You gotta love your sorority sisters, they are up for anything!!  She jumped right in. My most favorite details for the wedding came from Amy. Like using the roses Jadyn saved from her parents’ burial in the wedding. The hanging branch altar that inspired one of my favorite scenes in the book. (Phillip and Jadyn in the tree when they were in trouble.) Phillip’s “ultimate profession of love” of four dozen flowers as some of the centerpieces. The wedding night bathroom scene from the dessert fairy – the desserts, flowers, and lots of candles. The wild Husker themed after party. I about laughed my ass off when she sent me a photo of the bleachers and lounge furniture with the caption that said, Can’t you just picture someone passed out here? And who’s that making out behind the bleachers? Naturally, I had to put that in the story. Much like Jadyn, when I went to her, I had some colors picked out, wanted romance, and had a dress in mind. She made the wedding personal, special, and real in my mind. If you need a wedding planner, you might wanna call her. (Sorry though, Amy. Although you did tell me no keg stands for the bride and groom, I knew Phillip’s fraternity brothers would never allow that.) You can contact Amy on twitter @EventChicDallas or visit her website.

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  1. Hey! I love how you write in this series but have you ever think in release this books in Spanish? In some place were I can get it on Mexico in English?

    1. I don’t have the books translated into Spanish yet. They are available in English in Mexico through iBooks.

  2. I liked, no, loved That Boy, but the library were I live doesn’t have that wedding,I’d truly love to read That Wedding….. Amazing job on That Boy❤

  3. Hi! I’m Eleri, from South Argentina, and I love all your books! I can’t tell you how I cried with That Boy, you had me reading until 5am only to finish the book. And then, with That Wedding, I felt like it was the party of my dreams. Honestly, I’d never wanted to get married until I found out that I wanted the same party Ha ha ha! Well, I guess that’s all… I wanto to read That Baby soooo much! Thank you for the books and sorry if I’ve made a mistake on writing, I’m learning english… Please, write me back 🙂

  4. i read all of the books of the trilogy that boy and that wedding. I have so far reread both books about 6 times each cause i really want to read that baby. I hope it comes out before summer cause it is like an obsession of mine is to read your books cause they are so awesome. Would it be possible to get an extended sneak peek at that baby???? Thanks 😛 😀 :B 🙂 !!!!!

  5. I serioulsly do not know how I’m going to survive waiting for that baby!
    Can u upload another teaser please?!?
    You r a great author Jillian, my favourite <3

  6. Hi …


  7. Que tal!!!!, Soy de Ecuador he leído ese chico y esa boda realmente me encantaron, me asuste mucho cuando lei esa boda pense que phillip se separaría de jay ,amo a ese hombre es tan especial la llego a comprender y brindarle su apoyo incondicional yo quiero uno asi jajajaj, espero que en ese bebe se le de a phillip un poco mas de carácter o autoridad no me malinterpreten es un hombre perfecto pero jay es demasiado manipuladora y siempre se sale con la suya ya es momento que el la haga madurar por completo ya que como mama en ese bebe se deberá enfrentar a millones de cosas y retos (lo digo por experiencia) y pues la vida cambia 360 grados. Danny y Lori son un duo muy lindo me gusta la idea de darle celos a danny ya que el tambien a igual q jj siempre estan seguros que le merecen todo y no veo q se esfuercen mucho por las relaciones (bueno danny lo hizo bien en ese chico), estoy a espera de ese bebe el comienzo en el sneeak peak esta increible quiero mas por favor,,,,

  8. Omg I love all your books specially the Keaytn chronicles bt I also read That Boy & That Wedding well I’m still finishing reading that wedding but I can’t wait to the other books! I’m really excited A

    1. Yes, that’s the dress I picked out for her. With my daughter’s input, as her fashion taste is more like Jadyn’s.

  9. so if the song they danced to was keith urban’s “i’m in” then why does it say it was a slow song. that’s not a slow song. i was thinking more along the lines of keith urban’s “your everything”

  10. LOVED That Boy and That Wedding! Cannot wait to read your other books….especially That Baby……hurry!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them!! I’m doing some writing on That Baby right now. And working on Date me as well!!

  11. I have read that boy 4 times and I am reading that wedding for my 4th time and these r the best books I have ever read big thanks to u!!!!!?

  12. So I have been sick since Sunday and that’s when my whirlwind with Jillian Dodd started!! I began “That Boy” and read it until I fell asleep. Then finished it and “That Wedding” the next day. Thank goodness I had a sick day… because I couldn’t put the two books down!!! I love the way that your writing changes with the character. Since it starts from when JJ, Phillip and Danny are younger and continues on, you could definitely tell you wrote according to where the character was in that point of their lives. I’m thinking I’m going to have to move so I can get myself some “Prime Nebraska Beefcake!” And hands down, favorite chapter of both books is when JJ sees that spider. I’m so glad I was home alone when I read that chapter because I was dying laughing!! I really really hope “That Baby” becomes a reality!! 🙂

    1. Well I am glad reading the books made you feel a little better when you were sick! I love the spider scene and think JJ is pretty funny. She cracks me up. That Baby will definitely be a reality. I’m working on editing book two of The Keatyn Chronicles right now. In November I will start seriously writing That Baby. I have some parts of it written but it’s all pretty rough right now. I’m hoping to have it out mid 2013. I also have a book started about their children grown up. So that will probably come after That Baby.
      I have Prime Nebraska Beefcake shirts in my Cafe press store LOL. That part, I have to admit, makes me think of my own husband. He’s a six-four Nebraska boy.

  13. Oh my god i love your books. They are so good i just finished reading That Boy and That Wedding they were amazing 🙂 I really hope there is going to be another book about her getting pregnant and having the baby. I was wondering if you ever thought about making a movie out of the 2 books and maybe a third when you write it??? but i think it would be awesome if there was a movie of the books. i would totally go and watch that movie a dozen times bc i <3 the books. in matter of fact i think i may just reread them again tonight. i love your books so much look forward to your next sequel:)

    1. Your comments totally make me smile. Thank you. As for That Baby, I am planning to write it, have written a little of it, as well as some ideas for what might come next! I would LOVE it if Hollywood made a movie of my books! So let them know!!! Mostly, I would want to help audition for Danny and Phillip LOL 🙂 if you haven’t heard, I have a new series coming out. The first book in The Keatyn Chronicles, stalk me, will be out in Sept!!

  14. That Boy and That Wedding are AMAZING books. Couldn’t stop reading them. I also showed my boyfriend this page since I want our wedding one day to be as beautiful and romantic as JJ & Phillip’s wedding. You are an AMAZING writer and I can’t wait until “That Baby”. Reading your books made me fall in love with my boyfriend all over again!! Thanks for such amazing books 🙂

    1. Awww. that’s so sweet. It was really fun to plan their wedding. But they had a long history so a lot of it made sense!! I have a new book coming out next month (well, September) It’s a new series 🙂 And I’m working on That Baby. Actually wrote a scene for it last night.

  15. HI! THAT BOY is amazing. I just finished reading it and I can not wait to buy the ebook THAT WEDDING. your writing is unique! I loved the sense of humor, sadness and the occurrences of the characters. You really know how to catch the reader (at least to me, I read it in 24 hrs). I hope to read THAT BABY, as they say other readers, would be perfect!
    I must say I love the way you describe so fresh in situations involving each character. It’s a refreshing read, allowing the reader completely abstract and almost forget the environment. ohh! god bless you and give you good health so you keep giving us these fascinating stories.

    1. Wow!! Thanks so much for all the nice things that you said. I’m glad you liked That Boy and I hope you enjoy That Wedding. I loved writing That Wedding. It was so fun to finally have them as a couple!!

  16. wow… this is great. I finished That Wedding yesterday. It really deserves a 5 starts 🙂
    I so totally agree with Julie M about JJ and Phillip vs JJ and Danny. I knew Phillip was the man for her. But I kinda hope and hope and hope she would end up with Danny especially when you put that chapter about him breaking his arm and she’s the only person who noticed and cared.
    But hey, That Wedding helps a lot. There was more Phillip – the man. Not just Phillip the best boy friend. So, yeah, I’ll let you have those two together with HEA. 🙂
    But, again, That Divorce sounds interesting too. Hm… too much reality? I can already picture That Divorce in the same tone as the Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher.
    And, I meant to tell you 3 things.
    1. I love all the jokes in That Boy. You have a great sense of humor.
    2. That Wedding was the most expensive book I purchased from the kindle store. (I hope this make you proud and you should be 🙂
    3. This very page with all the photos. wow. it looks really just like the book. and now you make it seems so real. And what a perfect wedding. Yesterday when I got home I talked to my husband after dinner and was kinda wish we can do our wedding over and have one like JJ’s. But it seems like a lot of money involved. lol.
    And last, you’re already 24 years married? You still look very young in your photo. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I loved being able to write That Wedding. It was so fun to be able to show readers why Phillip is perfect for her and hopefully why Danny and Lori are also good together. And I’m very much joking about That Divorce, that was my husband’s attempt at humor 🙂 I’m glad you liked the funny parts. I think life can be very funny. I love how all her friends give her crap about the STD thing in That Wedding. I also loved when she tried to scream all the military terms that she knew during the spider incident and all she could come up with was Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo.
      I’m glad you felt the book was worth it. The whole pricing issue is interesting with ebooks. Even though my books are sort of YA, (which are typically around 60,000 words) That Wedding was like 122,000 words, they really don’t fit into an exact category. And I figure I pay $10 for a two hour movie and get way more enjoyment reading a book, so that’s the price I’m at for now anyway.
      I also wanted to have a new wedding. And it was very fun to plan a wedding with no real regard to budget. Although in my research, I watched literally every episode of every season of Say Yes to the Dress. I also researched and looked through thousands of dresses to find the perfect on for her. I saw people spend like $20-30,000 just for the dress!! Jadyn’s retailed for around (I think) $6000, so she didn’t go completely nuts.
      And thank you on the photo. An amazing photographer friend of mine took the photo around dusk (she told me that’s when the light is most kind to your wrinkles) so they turned out pretty nice.

  17. Hahaha omg, I love you already! That Divorce..hehe that makes me giggle for some reason. And (even though I am a teacher and you should never start a sentence with and) I agree on the marriage thing. I will be married 20 yrs this Wednesday (yes, I was way too young and have a daughter that will be 20 in Nov. –you do the math 😉 and life is definitely not a fairy tale but I definitely think it has shaped the person I am today; good and bad. I wish my daughter loved to read because I would send her back to college next week with both of your books for sure! Have fun in San Diego and go eat at the place in old town that makes the homemade flour tortillas…my favorite 🙂

    1. That makes my husband giggle too. That Divorce. That Affair. That Funeral. My family finds if fun to make up horrible book names. Congrats on such a long marriage and happy early anniversary! I think that’s the key difference. Life isn’t always a fairy tale, but if the love is the fairy tale kind, then it works. You get through it together and have fun. We’re staying out in Coronado, but while we are here, I’m driving up to Malibu for the day. My upcoming release is set there, so I’m doing some research!!

  18. I am half way through and I LOVE it. I think your idea for the Lori scene is great and will add the perfect little jealousy nudge to That Baby. I totally don’t mean to be critical but I am starting to think of Lori as too perfect…I mean come on, wouldn’t you be flat faced jealous of some girl texting your hubs when she needs advice etc…. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for replying, you have no idea how I long for other readers to chat with (since neither my husband or any of my 3 children enjoy reading like me) it’s such a bonus that you are the author. I bet you would be fun to talk to about other books too though 🙂 anyway, I will let you get back to writing ( selfishly ) because I can’t wait to read what’s next! Ta Ta for now.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it. I love to read. I don’t get to as much as I used to but there are so many great books out there. And I keep meeting mote and more authors whose stuff I want to read.
      And Lori is like Phillip. They both seem perfect. Jadyn and Danny are more transparent with their flaws. I am in San Diego with my husband for a few days and we were talking about how Phillip won’t be quite as perfect in the next book. And Lori is pregnant, and hormones can mess with your head. So we’ll see. My husband and I were drinking wine and joking about Danny and JJ having an affair and then writing That Divorce next LOL! (I’d never do that though!) but it’s been my experience (after 24 years of marriage) that being married isn’t always easy or a fairytale!!

  19. Ok, so I had to comment. I just read the first book and I really did love it! (I am 40 yrs old, I know, I am a hopeless romantic) however, as much as I love that Phillip and Jadyn are together now, I feel there is leftover sexual tension between her and Danny. I admit, I was kinda hoping they did something in the first book, even though I know that she belongs with Phillip. Anyway, since he is with Lori and all I know that it won’t happen but I really felt he loved Jadyn so much and deep down just couldn’t hurt Phillip in the end. Maybe I read too much into it, I don’t know. Well, as your other readers have said, I can’t wait to read That Wedding and look forward to the new book next yr. You are a great author and I am envious that you can put it all into words. It has always been my silent dream to write romance.

    1. I think you are definitely right. His friendship with Phillip was a big part of why he didn’t sleep with her on prom night and why he was so conflicted (and got drunk). That next morning when he woke up and saw her all snuggled up with Phillip, he knee he didn’t really stand a chance. And Danny and Jadyn together would have been hot, exciting, but they would have had one of those tumultuous relationships with lots of break ups and make ups and when they broke up for good, they would have made their friends choose sides. Which would have been bad. And I think they both knew their friendship wouldn’t have survived.
      I’m glad you enjoyed That Boy. I hope you like That Wedding too. It was really fun for me to write. You finally get to see just how adorable Phillip is on a daily basis. How much Jadyn loves him. And how she’s always felt about him, but never acted on it. You also get to finally see her grow up. Accept her parents’ death and move on. You’ll have to let me know what you think.
      I have scene in That Baby where Lori gets upset about JJ and Danny’s closeness. Maybe even thinks something might be going on….

  20. Oh my goodness!! These books are the best books I’ve EVER read!!! They are soooo sweet and hilarious,too! I love how Jadyn always makes herself laugh and goes “ha” because I do that all the time! I wish I could of grew up like that with two hot guys as best friends AND neighbors!!! Phillip is soo sweet and I loved the charm braclet especially the cross for her parents!!! I really can not wait til that baby!! I’m soo excited! I think I’m going to have to reread both these books! I’ll probably also read your new series! You are the best author ever! I even got my younger cousin hooked on this series!! She’s going to die when I tell her you’re writing another book later next year!! I wish it could be released sooner! I think writing about Phillip and Jadyn’s kids as teens is a great idea (especially if Lori and Danny’s kid(s) maybe have the same relationship with Phillip and Jadyn’s kids as they themselves had when they were younger)!!! These books are brilliant!! Thank you for writing!! Please, please, please keep writing!!!!!

    1. Wow! You are so sweet!! Thanks for all the wonderful things you said about my books!! Your telling your friends is also about the highest compliment an author can get!!
      I love Phillip too and I think Jadyn is funny. She is able to laugh at herself, which i think is good to be able to do. I’m excited to work on That Baby. I’ve written a bit of it! And believe it or not, the point I start about their kids one of the characters says that so and so hates me. So they aren’t the best of friends. But I think it will be a fun book. And I’m pretty sure it will be written in alternating perspectives.

      1. I really love books writtin in alternating perspectives, too! You get to know what both characters are experiencing and think about each other! Which ever way you write a book is amazing so thank you! I’m so excited for all the other books you’re writing!!!

  21. I totally have the tree you used as inspiration for the centerpieces ‘pinned’ on my ‘someday wedding board’ and I was picturing that same exact tree when you described it in the book!

    I loved both of these books and can’t wait for more of your writing to come out! I really liked how JJ seems like such a really girl, I found myself both laughing and crying with her. I also enjoyed all the football aspects being from Wisconsin and now living in Wyoming that culture is something I identify with, and liked being able to picture the Husker fans, even if we are rivals 😉

    1. I loved those trees too! That and her dress were some of the first things I picked for their wedding. And I’m so glad you like Jadyn. It was hard having her reach the boiling point in That Wedding but so satisfying for me to finally have her deal with things and grow up!!!
      And yes, we live in Texas but have season tickets and I get up there for quite a few games!! My daughter is planning on going there for college too! I’m a big Husker fan, but I really enjoy all college football. I was just watching a replay of the Michigan State / Wisconsin game tonight on the big 10 network. (except I think y’all lost, but then you took it out on us!!)

  22. Who is the designer of the wedding dress above? It’s really beautiful!

  23. That wedding was my favorite of the two. And i said this before but i absolutely cant wait for that baby. im so excited. when THe Keatlyn Chronicles come out ill probly read them because they look good. But i cant wait till 2013. I fell in love with Phillip hes like everything i want in a guy.

  24. omg ok so i just got finished reading both books aftrr all i hate reading but when i read thid k just felt like i was in there lives and i wish a guy would treat me like that my friends always are begging me to tell them what happens so they dont have to read it and im kinda bummed cause i havd to wait untill 2013 but that will give me time to read more of that wedding and that boy and did i mention i finishd both the books in 2 dayz!!!!!!!

    1. That’s awesome! I love that my books made you want to read. Reading has always been a big part of my life. It’s my escape. I have a new series coming out that might help to tide you over until That Baby is ready!

  25. OMG!!!!!! These books are amazing!!! WOW!!! That Boy and That Wedding are the best books!! I’m not sure which one I liked more because they are both so great! I’ve never liked to read anything but I couldn’t seem to but the books down!! I am really really really hoping that you will write That Baby!!!! Please! Please! Please! Until then I will just keep reading them over and over again!!! Seriously best books 🙂

    1. You’re so sweet!! Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoyed both books!! I am working on a That Baby for sometime next year. I’m pretty sure I will do one after that where the babies will be teens. But my next two books will be part of a new series called The Keatyn Chronicles.

    2. I’m not sure which one I like more. I loved the first one. I worked off and on for six years on it, so the characters are special to me. I loved writing That Wedding because I was able to let Jadyn grow up. She didn’t really grow up in the first book. If anything after her parents she went backwards a bit. She was partying and not really taking life seriously. She was very lucky she had both Danny and Phillip in her life.

  26. Just read That Boy and That Wedding. Wow, wow, wow so amazing! You are truly talented, I couldn’t put the books down!! I loved how Philip proses again by the swings and the remainder at the wedding that he was making good on his promise.

    1. Wow. Wow. You like just made my day!!! Thanks so much!! I adore Phillip. He’s so romantic, but yet he manages to still be manly in spite of it. I loved that part too. The big engagement is something that Jadyn thought would be cool, but the swings was so much more personal and important to both of them. It seemed fitting. I also loved Phillip’s vows. They had so much history, planning their wedding was so, so much fun!!

  27. i started reading the series and found my self having to stop when my kindle died… this is like the best teen romance series EVER!!! i got soooo, uh, what jadyn felt every night… or before what happened.. LOL… Please make that baby good and JUST somewhat like That Wedding… LOL

  28. OMG!! These books were SO GOOD!!!! I finished That Boy and That Wedding. I found myself re-reading both books. I could never get enough of these books. I can’t wait until That baby comes out! Thank you so much for coming out with such great books!!!!

  29. I loved “That Boy” and “That Wedding” they were both amazing!!! I can’t wait for That Baby! In That Wedding I have to say my favorite part was the huge spider and how he was planning Jayden’s death and Wayne the neightbor had to save her. I also loved the list in the end, you know your wedding was good when…
    I also can’t wait for your other new series to come out it sounds good too! 🙂

    1. I liked the spider part too. I can so picture it in my head. And probably was something I would have done to my husband when we were first married. Heck, I’d probably still call him about it now. COME HOME!!! It makes me happy when readers tell me they love the books. Especially today, as I got a nasty one star review on amazon yesterday. Although the title was “CASUAL SEX AND UNDERAGE DRINKING” which probably means EVERY teen will now want to read it LOL. It cracked me up. I thought it was kinda unrealistic that JJ managed to stay a virgin until college. The review also said she wasn’t going to read That Wedding, and I was like whew! cuz there’s lots more sex in that one! But she’s 22 and engaged and in love, so ya know. Keatyn Chronicles is fun. I hope people like it. Although she’s 17 and she’s sexually active and there’s underaged drinking and some drug use. I’ve been trying to think of a warning label to put on it. Any ideas??
      “If you don’t like books with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, please don’t read me.” LOL

  30. Omg. Honestly you are a great author. I read both That Boy AND That Wedding in just 1 night..regardless I slept at like 3 a.m LOL anyways I have 2 questions
    1) I couldn’t vizualize jadyn’s ring. Could you maybe sketch the ring so that I could see what it looked like? And also would you mind if you posted a picture of you’re own wedding ring?
    2) when is That Baby coming out?!? I honestly cannot wait to read it!
    Best romance author ever and that’s saying a lot since I read A ALOT <3

    1. There are two separate ring drawings in That Boy. The first one is Lori’s ring. The second, smaller one, is Jadyn’s ring. It basically has is just a large emerald cut stone with an X on each side. The top of the X holds the diamond. Or at least that’s how I envisioned it. My own setting is one of a kind. I picked out the setting from a ring designer in Dallas and then my husband bought the main diamond in Omaha before we got engaged. Then for our fifth anniversary, he stole the ring, (I thought I lost it!!) and had a custom wedding band made to go with it. Lots of my friends trade up and get bigger diamonds, but 23 years later, I still love my ring and wouldn’t change it. And That Baby won’t be out until probably next year. I have written the beginning and the ending, but that’s all so far. I’m working on a new series right now. It’s called the Keatyn Chronicles and I’ll hopefully have the first book cover and blurb out the first part of June. It’s a planned six book series, the first two will be out this fall and winter.
      And saying I’m the best romance author is saying a lot!! Thank you very much. You’re making me blush. And making me want to go write some more!!
      Are you on twitter? I could take a pic of it and put it on there. Putting it on the blog is harder to accomplish.

      1. twitter: mkangshin
        awww that sounds so sweet of you’re husband!
        i’ve read you’re interviews on you’re husband and marriage and honestly after reading you’re books it made me really believe in those true love that you can only found in fairy tales<3 i just hope ill be as blessed as you and jadyn were!

  31. Oh my goodness, That Boy is amazing! I am not quite finished with That Wedding, but it is equally as amazing! These are seriously the best romance books EVER!!! I love them soooooooooooo much! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THESE!!! Can’t wait for That Baby to come out next year! Hope it’s equally as good as the first two!!! 😀

  32. I just finished both of your books and i am in love with them. They remind me so much of my life. Im just curious if your going to make a movie? Because if you did so many people would see it. It would be a briliant chick flick. I just hope youll make a movie!!

    1. Did you grow up next to two cute boys too??? If so, you are lucky!! I lived on a farm with my brother and 5 girl cousins and dreamed of that! I’m glad you enjoyed the books and I would love it if they were made into a movie. If you know anyone in Hollywood, let them know!!

  33. Hiii!! Let me just say that that boy and that wedding are by far the best romance books I have ever read!! If I had to rate them both, I would give them a 6 out of 5 stars!! I just reread and reread them all the time. I’m recommending the books to all of my friends cuz I’m honestly a romance book junkie and so are my friends!! Thank u Jillian Dodd for coming up with such amazing books! And I really hope that there are gonna be more books about JJ and Phillip! <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me that!! You’re so sweet! I’m so glad that you and your friends are enjoying my books. JJ and Phillip are a fun couple. I am planning on writing another book about them. (That Baby) I think I will also eventually write a book about their children, which will be fun to have their kids as teens because you’ll get to see what JJ and Lori are like as parents, how many kids they end up having, how Danny’s career is going, all that fun stuff.
      But!! My next few releases will be the first two or three books in a new series called The Keatyn Chronicles. It’s written in Keatyn’s voice, very similar to how my other books are. It’s her telling the story from her point of view. And there’s some pretty adorable boys in her life too!!

      1. OMG i loved your books! Just in case you didn’t know that already! 😀 I mean almost EVERYONE who reads your books loves them!!! I think it is a wonderful idea to write a book about their kids, it could be called “Those Kids” or something like that. Can’t Wait!

    2. So agree! I’m addicted 2 these books! Im a sucker for romance and I love That Boy and That Wedding so much! Cant wait to read all the other books u write! I know there going to be amazing!

  34. Just a quick idea here maybe you could have Wednesdays be wimsicle wedding day you did such am amazing job with Philip and JJ’s why not? I mean danny had an XXX wedding theme idea that’s only the beginning to what you could do;)

    1. That would be fun. There are so many cool wedding ideas. But if you read the acknowledgements, you’ll know I had a lot of help from a wedding planner. (Amy at Event Chic Dallas) Although the crazy XXX themes was JJ’s idea. She was teasing Phillip that should be their theme. Then Phillip told Danny and Danny took the idea and ran with it.
      If you want some fun wedding ideas, watch David Tutera’s, My Fair Wedding. I still watch that show. Love it. And I was on THE KNOT wedding website all the time. Right now I’m working on a new series. The main character is seventeen, so I’m on fashion and surfing and boarding school websites doing research. After that I will work on That Baby. Then I’ll have to get on THE NEST and The BUMP websites. I also need to dig out the journal I wrote when I was pregnant. Remember how it felt!!

  35. I bought That Boy on my Kindle Fire not knowing exactly what to expect but FELL IN LOVE!! As SOON as I was finished with That Boy I bought That Wedding!! You’re books are AMAZING and I can’t wait to read more of JJ and Philips story as well as Danny & Lori’s story…..I am really looking forward to That Baby!!! I can’t stress enough how much I loved both of those books!! Can you tell us the name of your next series?!

    1. The series is tentatively called the Keatyn Chronicles. (I haven’t come up with anything better than that yet.) Each book will have a different name. I’m not sure what the first one will be. It might be, Push me over the edge of the love cliff. But I’m not sure. I’ve been struggling with the first book in the series. If I would have left it as is, it would be about a million pages long. So I’m moving a large chunk of it into the second book. The first book will be almost a prequel. The series is set at a boarding school, but there’s a reason why she is forced to go there and has to stay there even when she kinda wants to go back home. You will learn all that in the first book. But there are lots of cute boys. And she is a fun character. When she goes to boarding school, she goes under a new name. So she can remake herself. Be anything, any way she wants to be. Do things differently than she did at her old high school. And she is pretty bold and fun.
      And I’m so glad you liked That Boy and That Wedding. That Baby is sort of sitting in the wings. I add stuff as I get ideas, but so far it’s pretty much just got a beginning and an ending. I also might do a book about two of their kids after that. We’ll have to see. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My daughter is seventeen and does a fun post every Thursday on fashion, makeup, all sorts of stuff. And I do movie reviews on Fridays. We team up to do MANdays on Monday. Which is basically photos of hot shirtless guys.

  36. Ok I have to say I loved both That Boy and That Wedding. There are parts of That Wedding that I laughed so hard I was bawling and literally had to walk away so I could continue. Danny reminds me of my brother do much. Personality, sense of humor, it was hilarious with the texting ideas for theme thing. I do hope that you can come up with a good story for That Baby, I’m looking forward to it. Your a very talented writer.

    1. Thanks!!! Comments like yours totally make my day!! I am planning a That Baby, but probably not until sometime next year. I’m working on a new series. The first two books of that will be my next releases. Hopefully you will like them as well. The main character is funny like Jadyn, but she’s a fun mix of worldly and confident. But then she’s not sometimes. She’s struggling at figuring out who she is, but along the way, there are some really really cute boys. Two that are equally dreamy.

    2. I was thinking of that type of book too! Like a That Pregnancy or something. I started to slowly read That Wedding because I didn’t want to end it so soon!!!

  37. Such a good book! Just finished reading it, and the wedding sounds gorgeous and perfect for Phillip and Jadyn. Just wondering, is there going to be another sequel? That Baby, perhaps?

      1. Will you give us a sneak peek at the cover sometime, perhaps?? Because I loved That Wedding and Boy!!! They were wonderful, and I really wish authors could write good books like you!

        1. Once I get it completely done, I will. I hate to release something like that too soon, since the book won’t be out for awhile. (Since all I have written is the beginning – starting after their honeymoon when they move into their new house- and the ending.) But here’s a hint. It is similar to the others, but it will be a simple hand drawn rattle.