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  1. Hi Jillian I love your that boy series I was wondering if there will be any more books in that series and if there will be a movie and tv show

    1. It was a planned trilogy, so That Baby ends the series. Could I do more books about the characters possibly in the future? Maybe.

  2. Hi!
    I just finished reading that baby and OMG I LOVE YOU!
    All your books are literally my favorite in the world and I can honestly say i dream of my life being just like jadyn’s!
    I totally bawled my eyes out in the hospital scene and everyone around me probably thought i was loony! BUT these are probably the best books i have ever read!!

    Thankyou for writing your amazing books <3

  3. Hey Jillian, the last time I commented was in August and since then I have re-read your books so many times and fell in love with them even more! I was wondering when that baby is coming out because I have read the sneak peak at least 5 times and wanted to read the rest. I have just bought captive films : season 1 on iBooks and can’t wait to read it. You are honestly my favourite author ever! Carry on with the great books xx

    1. Thank you! Captive Season 2 is my next release and I’m currently writing That Baby which will be my release after that. Since I’m still in the research phase of this book, I don’t have a release date yet.

  4. Jilian!!! I loveeeee your books!!!!! By any chance, do you happen to know the name of the guy you pegged as Phillip above? The one in the first 4 pics to the left? Ugh he’s so cute <3.<3

  5. Hey jillian! I absolutely love your books I just finished reading the Keatyn chronicles and read that boy and that marriage twice ! Your my favourite author and wanted to ask you some questions. I wondered if there will be any books written after that baby ? If the answer is yes, then I would love to read it. Will either the Keatyn chronicles or that boy series be turned into a film/ TV program ? Would you ever change anything in the books? I also want to be an author when I’m older but don’t know how, do you have any inspiration that makes it easier to write the books ? I realise that there is a few questions but you such a brilliant writer I get so emotional reading that boy series because of everything that happens to Jadyn. I want to thank you for writing such amazing books that have changed my life and can’t wait to read that baby and more books you may write xxx

    1. Thank you. Yes, I plan on continuing to write more books. I’ll be doing That Baby and Riley’s book next. I’d love for both of my series to be turned into a movie or TV series, but that’s not really my choice. You need to sell a lot of books and get Hollywood’s attention. Writing a book just takes time. A plan. A plot. And idea. Mine usually start with the ending and go from there. Good luck with your writing!

  6. Hi jillian, I absolutely love That Boy&That Wedding, I can’t wait for That Baby! I haven’t read the Keatlyn Chronicles, but they are next on my list. I just had some questions to ask you if that’s okay? Did you always want JJ to go with Phillip or did you decide in the middle of the story? After that baby, what’s next for Phillip and Jayden? Are there going to be more books for their story? What about Danny and Lori? And the engagement ring that Phillip got Jayden, have you ever designed it? I would love to see what it would look like! Will their be a film for the that boy series? After reading that Wedding, I’ve realised that’s my dream wedding! I was wondering if you had a particular location of where JJ and Phillip got married? Sorry for all the questions I’m just in love with these books! Thankyou for bringing these in my life! Your an inspiration! I’m a writer too so I love to get ideas from other authors! I love writing romance and thrillers but especially best friend love story type books! Thanks again! Love you! X

    1. After That Baby, that trilogy will be complete and I’m not planning more books for them. In order to write books, you have to have conflict, so we want to leave them happy at the end. I have a little part of a story written about their children though, so that’s a possible future story. The engagement ring for Jadyn is just from my head. I’d love for their to be a film about them. That’s up for Hollywood to decide though. The wedding took place in a ballroom overlooking the Plaza Lights in Kansas City as described. The fictional hotel was based off a real hotel there. I had a whole lot of fun planning their wedding and actually had an event planner help me with the details!

  7. I cant wait until that baby comes out in January. I love this series so much and I have been waiting for this book for so long. I have been dying to read this book ever since I read the second one and then found out that there would be a third.

  8. Read everyone of your books! Absolutely love them all. Can’t wait for the next ones. Keep up the wonderful stories!

  9. Dylan Obrien or Logan Lerman or Tyler Posey as Phillip
    Kellan Lutz or Alan Ritchson as Danny
    Dianna Argon or Britt Robertson as Jadyn

    True dream cast

  10. When is That Baby comming out? I can’t wait !! That Boy & That Wedding are two of my favorite books ever!

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