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  1. Hi! I love the ‘That Boy’ series! I just began reading ‘That Wedding’ and I’m really excited! What are the models'(?) that you have in the dream cast names?

  2. Hi jillian!

    That boy series are in my favorites list! I loved it and will re-read it over and over! I can’t wait for that baby to be released! I hope that boy series won’t just end there. πŸ™ haha! Anyways, i love your dream cast! Why didn’t you have a dream cast for JJ?
    I hope you replied to this!

    -Aigel πŸ™‚

    1. I might have some pictures of her. Honestly, I haven’t found anyone yet that I really see her as. She’s in my mind LOL

  3. I honestly fell inlove with That Boy series, I read That Boy and That Wedding all in one day! I also feel like I became very attached to not only the books but to all the characters in them to a point where of Jaydan was sad I would be sad, this to me is showing that you’ve done a great job at writing this series and I am so excited for That Baby to release and seeing your considering a story for Jayden and Phillips children! and if you ever do make That Boy series into a movie please make sure the movie is exactly like the book because I hate when I read a book and the movie just ruins everything about the book that I loved and pictured in my head
    But besides that I am completely enthralled with your work that you are one of my many favourite authors that I actually do feel so grateful I found your books! xxxx

    1. Thank you so much!! I love the That Boy group of characters. And I’m looking really forward to writing more of their story!!

  4. I really CAN’T WAIT for that baby!!! I’m in team phillip, he’s just soo perfect, with JJ they make a perfect couple, and I definetely would LOVE to see Phillip’s daddy sidee, I’m soo excited! I loved that boy and that wedding and I’m sure I’m going to love that baby too. And making a movie is a GREAT IDEA, it will be very succesful.
    Lots of love from Peru πŸ™‚

  5. PLEASE write a book about their children it would be icing on the cake! And how old is everyone in the book at the point of That Baby?

  6. I’m sure I will like them so far I have loved all of your books and there needs to be a movie for that boy series so much

  7. Ohh who is that hunky teen Phillip, I totally imagined him like that, not the older version, Danny’s image seems spot on

  8. Lurrvvvve your books, have read them them all and then re-read them!! When will That Baby be coming out on the Kindle Store?? CANNOT WAIT! And looking forward to Adore Me coming out tomoro πŸ™‚ Mollyyyy <3 xx

    1. That boy and that wedding are absolutely amazing, I can’t wait for that baby to come out and I just started stalk me and so far i am loving it.


    1. I totally agree Joanne the movie will be a great hit and there Needs to be a movie per book including that baby, I also think that there should be a tv show as well that would be so cool.

  10. hey i love your books they are so amazing. I have reread both of them like 5 times each. They are so good. Just wondering would that baby talk about Lori’s baby and JJ’s baby?? You are the best writer in the whole world you drag me into the book. like i dont want to put it down . i hope u also write at least one book about their children good luck finishing writing hoping that baby gets published early!!! πŸ™‚

  11. I hi Jillian I loved that boy and I’m crazy about the characters I love them all I just got finished reading that boy I’m reading that wedding now and I wanted to ask you will Danny and Lori get a book and are you going to make a book for Philip and jadelyns baby ????!!! Lol plz get back to me ps mary

        1. reading that boy was great that boy is 1 of my top favorites when jj lost her parents i cried i relatedto her i laughed and i loved it there was so much emotion in it and i coulent wait to see what boy jadelyn would pick and which one was left for me!!!!!!!!

  12. You know what’s so ironic? Is that I’m reading your stories, get really attached to them, REALLY attached, like for example when I was reading the part where JJ loses her parents, I cried, I literally put down the iPad, took my pillow and cried SO much or e part where JJ and Phill got married i felt so freakin happy,and other things that happened in the two books but when I finished them, I went back to my ordinary boring life, where I have no boyfriend to make me feel loved or special…that’s when I really felt sad. Don’t get me wrong, my point isn’t to criticize your books, my point is that your books are so good that I am willing to leave my life and live in them.
    Name: Green
    Age: 16
    Where I come from? I come from a small planet called Earth, it is located in a galaxy called the Milkey Way.

    1. I lived on a farm with no neighbors, so reading has always been my favorite form of escape. It let me experience stuff I never could have done it real life.

  13. I’m daydreaming with your books and I CAn’T wait for the third.
    I’ve prayed to my parents to buy me the books in Amazon and I think I NEED meet Nebraska before I die just for this.
    I have to say thank you for your beautiful creation and send you the HUGE HUG from Chile!!!
    Congrats!! xx

  14. will be patiently waiting for that baby to come out :)) how i wish that paperback available
    here as well πŸ™‚ im planning to just ask my sister to buy a copy for me and send it :)))))
    is there any dates ? for that baby ? thank you so much xxxx

  15. Hi, just wanted to say that i really love you and your works!!! just finished reading
    that boy and thay wedding and k couldn’t wait for that
    baby to come out and be published!!!
    im from the Philippines and hope it’ll be available here too πŸ™

  16. Hi, I’ve read the 2 books, and I love them both. Actually, this is my favorite book series! And I’m totally dying to read “that baby”. Lots of love from MΓ©xico ((:

  17. hello I’m from Argentina, I love your books and I look forward That Baby. I love how you write and you’re my favorite author! thanks.
    ps: i love phillip and I want for my!!

  18. Hi Jillian! i super super super love That Boy. I like how you wrote the story, spontaneous and straight. No flowery words or whatsoever that would confuse the readers. I’m looking for ward to reading That Wedding. Unfortunately, we still don’t have the hard copies here in the Philippines, so I just read That Boy as an ebook, hopefully, i’ll be able to download That Wedding soon. Thank you so much for writing feel good stories (i cried at the part when JJ lost her parents, but still got so “kilig” – giddy in english all throughout the story.) hope ther’s more after That Baby!

    elliz, your fan from the Philippines

    1. Thanks!! The ebook is definitley available on amazon, b&N, iTunes, and Kobo – all internationally. The paperbacks are available internationally through Amazon.

  19. I’m in love with your books and i can’t wait to read that baby!
    Phillip is my fave, god, he’s perfect, and so romantic! i want a Phillip for me! Lots of love from Chile.

    1. Chile!! How exciting!! I think you might be my first reader in Chile! I’m glad you like Phillip. He is so dreamy <3

  20. Hi!!!!!!! i wanted to know if u know the name of the model that’s in the dream cast for philip?!

    1. Okay, I went and looked on Pinterest, and I think the younger version’s name is Ben Bowers. I don’t know the guy with the tattoo’s name. The older Phillip looking guy.

    1. I think the series might be too long for a movie but I think it’d make a great TV series!!

  21. Hey!
    I love your books…I read That Boy and I’m reading That Wedding now.
    To be honest You have played with my feelings A LOT…happy then sad…annoyed…then everything! Which is good πŸ™‚
    In That Boy…when JJ’s parents died I cried sooo much.Just couldn’t stop tears from floating.
    How did you write the book?
    How much time did you spend writing it ? (sorry,but I’m so curious)
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. That Boy was the first book that I’d ever written. Honestly, the entire project from start to publication took me about 10 years. I worked on it, put it away, worked on it, put it away. Then I decided I needed to show my kids that I could finish a project that I started. So I did. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I love Danny, Phillip, and Jadyn. They are really fun to write about. And sad sometimes too. Like life.
      As far as writing my other books, they have taken anywhere from 3-7 months depending on the book.

      1. you did a fantastic job.Keep it up.
        I love the characters too.Its kind of funny,that Danny’s wife,Lori,and I have the same name and every time I’d read-Lori- I just think that you wrote about me lol.
        When are you publishing That Baby????
        I can’t wait to read it…I read the sneak peak and it sounds really good.
        Thanks for writing the book.
        πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  22. I gotta say you do a fantastic job of making me ping pong between Danny and Phillip. I have always wanted to see something develop between JJ and Danny, there’s just so much chemistry and pull between them. And he’s the underdog to contend with…the bad boy, the one she could have an explosive-amazing-boom-damnwhy’dwewaittodothis kinda relationship. Don’t get me wrong, Phillip is awesome, how can you not want to see him happily married to JJ, but he’s the obvious choice. My impression of Danny is that he sacrificed his great love for his best friend’s happiness and he’s just watching it from the sidelines, trying to be happy with Lori, while secretly trying to hold onto the one that got away. (JJ) Keep em coming, regardless of how you choose to write them, your stories unfold perfectly, so I’m sure I’ll love it.

    1. Thank you!! I love them both. And you will get a bit of Danny’s POV in That Baby.

  23. Hi!! I love how you writte and I love writting. If I become in a good writter in the future,it will thanks to you. Much love from Spain πŸ™‚ Oh,I can’t wait fot That Baby.

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your writing and I would love to go to Spain someday!!

    1. I have written scenes for a book about their children grown up. So we’ll see. But probably.

  24. Do you think there will ever be a movie made out of that boy?if so who would you hope to play philip and danny and jj? YOU ARE A AMAZING WRITER!!!! I cant get enough of these books!!! πŸ™‚

  25. OMG! Please tell me you are planning of writing a series about their children, because that would have been awesome. I’m in love with this series and can’t wait for That Baby!!!!

  26. I love this page.. WOW to see what inspired you.. to visualize the direction in which your muse drove you to write such a wonderful quirky love story. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of the process with us… since some of us (ME ME ME ME) can’t just walk away.. I just wanna curl up at your feet and hear the whole story again, hoping you will add something more. I HEART YOU!!! YOU ROCK!

  27. I really hope to see another side if JJ in That Baby. I know she had some issues after losing her parents, but her life has not been shitty enough to justify her detachment. I’m team Phillip and I can’t help but want someone better than JJ for him. The whole bar scene with Bradley, the “sex in the stairs drink” and all that was too much for me. That’d been say I’m looking forward to That Baby.

    1. I’d say losing your both your parents suddenly is pretty shitty. But that’s just my opinion. In JJ’s mind, she was trying to honor her parents by living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, she took it a bit too far and closed her feelings off. Lots of people close their feelings off rather than dealing with grief. Sometimes it’s just too painful for them. I actually do a lot of research when I do my books and relied heavily on a friend of mine from high school who lost her father when she was a senior. She too went a little wild. She also helped me with the grieving portion of the book. How mad she felt. How mad she was at God. How one minute she was crying he was gone and the next worried her mascara was running and the hot guy she had a crush on might notice. JJ was very conflicted and holding it all in. Luckily, Phillip loved her enough to be patient with her and to help her. And it was his love that broke through her walls. Helped her realize she hadn’t dealt with things. That she probably did some things that her parents may not have been proud of. I think That Wedding was extremely satisfying for me to write, because I allowed her really grow up.

    1. Well, I can’t imagine anyone hating their baby. Sometimes they are surprised to be pregnant when they are. That may happen, but she will be very happy to be pregnant when it happens.

    1. Yes. In That Boy, she got engaged. That Wedding, she got married. That Baby, she will get pregnant.

  28. I love love love all your books!! That boy and That wedding were awesome! I love the friendship they all have together and i must admit it makes me a bit jealous! Phillip is amazing! love danny and jj too! cant wait for that baby.. will you continue form there or will that be the end?

    1. That is the last book I have planned. Although I do think I will do a book about their children.

      1. I definitely vote yes for the book about their children! You are an amazing author and I would love to read that book πŸ™‚

    1. When I wrote the book, I pictured Blake Lively like she was in the movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Pretty, tall, blonde, athletic.

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