Philanthropy Thursday – Chi Omega Christmas Market

It’s Philanthropy Thursday, here at Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos. Philanthropy comes in all forms, from helping someone, letting someone cut in line at the drive thru, lending a kind ear, thoughtful words. Anything you can do to better other’s lives. There are many, many charities out there that we can donate money to, and I’m not here to tell you who to chose. I just want to share inspirational stories with you about people that have been successful in their own efforts to help others.

One such inspirational event is Chi Omega Christmas Market. I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering (and SHOPPING!!) at this event for about six years now. In college, my mom and I had a clothing store, and we used to come to the Dallas Apparel Market to order clothes. I heard about the Chi Omega Christmas Market, but we were never in town when the event took place. When we moved to the Dallas area, signing up to help was one of the first things I did.

Here’s a bit about the Market, from their website:

Chi Omega Christmas Market offers a unique holiday shopping experience with over 175 merchants showcasing gifts for every age including holiday décor and ornaments, women’s clothing and accessories, home accents, pottery, children’s clothing, toys, food and candy gifts, and much more! Over the past 33 years, Chi Omega Christmas Market has distributed to the community over five million dollars through grants to local charities and collegiate scholarships. Funds for Chi Omega Christmas Market beneficiaries are derived solely from ticket sales, merchant booth fees, donations and underwriting. Chi Omega Christmas Market receives no monies from merchant booth sales. In 2010, we donated $265,000 to 7 worthy local organizations and collegiate scholarships to active Chi Omega’s. We are thrilled to continue the tradition of giving this year!

And a bit from me. If you live in the Dallas area, trust me, this event is so worth going to. Every year both my daughter and I look forward to it. Last year, I bought two sweaters that I get so many compliments on, my daughter bought a dress, we bought Christmas gifts for family, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and decor, some home accessories, a robe for me, darling baby blankets for a friend, and food. Lots of food. Dips, cakes, soup mixes, and THE best toffee we’ve ever had in our lives. Seriously, they have like everything.

This year’s Market is being held November 16th – 19th. Check their website for ticket information and hours. You can also get more information on their Facebook page.

Every year the money they raise goes to different charities. These are the 2011 charities.

Photos of a few of the merchants from last year’s show.

Best of Season - Magnolia Bay Toffee Company

Best in Show - Jen Rosie Designs

I also offer up my book, That Boy, for you to consider using as a fundraising tool. The book retails for $9.99. Your group will earn $8 per book sold. Please email me at ThatBoyJillianDodd (at) gmail (dot) com, if you are interested! Also, for every book I sell, I’m donating a portion of the proceeds to two charities dear to my own heart. The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Nebraska University Foundation.