Movie Review: Twilight – Breaking Dawn

It’s movie review day here at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos. We’ve gone to every other Twilight midnight premiere, so we couldn’t miss this one!!


The Verdict: The sad news, for all of us who got to swoon over Jacob’s abs in the last movie, is that he is only shirtless once or twice at the beginning of the movie. Other than that, this movie is a great rendition of the book. Basically if you loved the series, loved the book, you will like this movie. Much like the book, it moved frustratingly slow. We all agonized over Bella being afraid to marry Edward. Like I’ve never seen a bride look so unhappy walking down the aisle. Their honeymoon was both hot and frustrating. Being able to see how bad she looked while she was pregnant, how much the baby was sucking the life out of her, and how beautiful she is going to be as a vampire was obviously more visual than when I read the book. I knew she looked bad, but the movie really showed how awful it was. The makeup they did to make Bella look bad, and then her morphing into a vampire, was very good and very realistic. (Unlike the abs they painted on Edward in one of the movies.) I especially loved Jacob’s growth in this movie. I can’t wait to see him become the true leader of the wolf pack. All in all, I loved the movie. If I hadn’t read the books, I probably would have thought the movie was a little slow and boring in parts, but I was expecting that. The wedding setting was the most gorgeous wedding I think I’ve ever seen. Bravo to the set designer for that!!!

I’d say if you loved the book, you’ll be swooning and wanting to live Happily ever after with this movie. If you didn’t read the book, you’d probably consider it a bad date!!


Just a reminder of how we rank movies here at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos:

One Star = Walk of shame. I was in last night’s dress, carrying my shoes as I rushed off. I can’t believe I wasted my time on him and pray no one I know sees me.

Two Stars = Bad date. He didn’t really do anything wrong, we just didn’t have any chemistry. Maybe he just wasn’t my type. I probably won’t answer if he calls.

Three Stars =Hookup. We had a great night together. Don’t know if it will be more than that, but it was sure fun while it lasted.

Four Stars = Stalking him. What a night! We danced, we kissed. Now if I could just get him to call me.

Five Stars = Happily ever after. I love him! I want to marry him, have his babies, and live happily ever after.