Movie Review – Reel Steel

It’s movie review day here at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos. Today we’re going to see the movie, Reel Steel! This movie looks like a great family movie. I’m excited to see it!


The Verdict: I really enjoyed this movie. It’s a feel good movie. It’s sorta Rocky with robots, but yet it’s so much more. The reason I loved this movie is it’s not just about fighting robots. It’s the story of a man coming to love the son he never knew. And really, is there anything sexier than a hot man and their adorable son learning to love each other? No. Especially when the dad is Hugh Jackman.  The ending of the movie was so adorable, I’m like in love with it. And it’s a movie that you can take the whole family to. (It has a PG-13 rating, but mostly it is for mild swearing.)

So even though he was kinda down on his luck when I met him, he was super sexy. When he took his shirt off (supposedly to change shirts, not just to make me drool), I didn’t care how much money he had. But then he took me to meet his adorable little boy. Even though he was kinda a jerk to the kid at first, I could tell he didn’t mean it. He was afraid to be a failure. The little boy was as stubborn as he is. All I know is this. I wanna move to the country with him and have like ten more adorable kids with him. And I don’t really like kids that much. Go see the movie. It’s adorable and you’ll leave feeling all warm and fuzzy. Rating: Happily Ever After.

Just a reminder of how we rank movies here at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos:

One Star = Walk of shame. I was in last night’s dress, carrying my shoes as I rushed off. I can’t believe I wasted my time on him and pray no one I know sees me.

Two Stars = Bad date. He didn’t really do anything wrong, we just didn’t have any chemistry. Maybe he just wasn’t my type. I probably won’t answer if he calls.

Three Stars =Hookup. We had a great night together. Don’t know if it will be more than that, but it was sure fun while it lasted.

Four Stars = Stalking him. What a night! We danced, we kissed. Now if I could just get him to call me.

Five Stars = Happily ever after. I love him! I want to marry him, have his babies, and live happily ever after.