Movie Review – J. Edgar

It’s movie review day here at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos. A couple movies came out that I wanted to see. J. Edgar has Leonardo DiCaprio, and Immortals, well, it has a lot of hot shirtless men. See my quandary? So I did what any woman would do when faced with a tough decision, like which of two cute pairs of boots to buy. I bought them both.

Here’s the trailer for J. Edgar

The Verdict:  I’m not sure exactly how to rate this movie because I’m not sure how I felt about it. I go to movies to be entertained, and this movie was not something that would typically entertain me.

Have you ever gone on a date with a guy that you thought was so not your type? You got talked into seeing him by a friend, but the fact that he wasn’t your type also sort of intrigued you. You met him, you had a long date, and when you left, you couldn’t get him off your mind. That’s how this movie was for me. It affected me.

To me if a story affects me, lingers in my brain long after it’s over, it’s a sign that it’s good. Good books make me think about them long after I’ve read them. I think about the characters. I wonder and want to know more about their lives. This film did that for me. I came home and searched the internet to find out more. I wanted to know how closely this movie was based on real events.

I also so did not expect this movie to be a love story. Love is really at the heart of the movie, and I’ll warn you that it’s not your typical love story. But it touched me. Made me teary eyed.

I can’t say enough about Leo DiCaprio’s acting in the this movie. I love Leo, but the Leo I know and love, was not who was up on the screen. I kept having to remind myself that it was him up. He was the J. Edgar. Clint Eastwood directed this film. It’s my guess that it will be an Academy Award Winner. And for Leo, I’d say it’s about time.

I know I’m going to shock you all when I, the same person who could only make it through the first half of The King’s Speech before I turned it off because I just didn’t care, give this movie FIVE STARS. It affected me. Some of them just do.

Just a reminder of how we rank movies here at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos:

One Star = Walk of shame. I was in last night’s dress, carrying my shoes as I rushed off. I can’t believe I wasted my time on him and pray no one I know sees me.

Two Stars = Bad date. He didn’t really do anything wrong, we just didn’t have any chemistry. Maybe he just wasn’t my type. I probably won’t answer if he calls.

Three Stars =Hookup. We had a great night together. Don’t know if it will be more than that, but it was sure fun while it lasted.

Four Stars = Stalking him. What a night! We danced, we kissed. Now if I could just get him to call me.

Five Stars = Happily ever after. I love him! I want to marry him, have his babies, and live happily ever after.