Leslie’s Book Bliss: With Everything I Am by Kristen Ashley


Classic Kristen Ashley, but with vamps and werewolves, making this series a paranormal readers DREAM!! Alpha-male, Callum the hero and werewolf, is absolutely swoon worthy and seriously sexy-HOT!! Sonia, his human love interest, goes against the grain of what is acceptable in the Werewolf world of whom is proper to mate with; but Callum knows he and Sonia are destined to be together. Even his family will not stop him from loving her…

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was riddled with KA’s unique personal touch of alpha-male talk with steamy, romantic scenes to make any reader squirm with delight. Sonia is also a gorgeous, strong and independent woman, and though she was dominated by her mate, she held her own which made their love scenes even sweeter. Callum’s nickname of, “Baby-doll” for Sonia was a tad cliche’ although, paled in comparison to the enormous amount of sex scenes. That aside, I enjoyed the endearing love that blossomed for these two and found myself continually rooting for them.

The ending did not disappoint and even had a of couple welcomed surprises. So nice!! In addition, I cannot express enough how grateful I am that Ashley continues to keep all of her series books, “stand alones.” If you know anything about this author, you already know she can crank them OUT!! That being said, if you’re a specific genre reader, be sure to check out all her books because trust me, she’s written something for almost every reader. I will continue to be a Kristen Ashley fan for years to come.

Thank you to Ms. Ashley and Chas for providing me the ARC of this book for an honest review.