Leslie’s Book Bliss: Unexpected Oasis by CD Hussey

This book…just wow! Hussey pulls you into every book she writes and well, it’s pure and utter bliss for a reader.

The Afghanistan landscape is not something I would typically be drawn to in a romance book, but oooh, how happy I was to be wrong! This one actually sets the bar pretty high especially since I was surprised at how much I freaking loved this story.

Andrea wants to get the hell out of town. The farther away, the better. She just divorced a cheating husband and seeing him around town with his new pregnant wife isn’t helping matters. So, she does what every woman who has a career in engineering, does…she takes a military based contract job in the Middle East. That’s normal, right? Haha…well, let’s just say, things get a little complicated, but in a delectably sexy way. Much to her “no men, now way” chagrin.

The authentic descriptions of landscape and how operations work on a military base were simply amazing. And she didn’t over-do them, either. Just enough for the reader to get a hold of the concept, then she moved on to the all important issue of top security officer – the delicious, Jason Trey. Oh yeah, it gets better…trust me.

This author caught my eye a few years ago with her Human Vampire Series and let me tell you, this non-paranormal, straight contemporary romance is not only brilliant…the writing, is, (as usual), spectacular. Definitely a, dear-god-what-are-you-waiting-for, MUST READ!