Leslie’s Book Bliss: Thoughtless by S.C Stephens

This is one of only three books to have ever made me cry. The emotional roller-coaster of this story was trying, insightful, funny, inappropriate, sad and even hurtful just to mention a few. It also took a while for the story to take ahold of me, however, the writing was good and was able to keep me on track. This was a 1,253 page book on my Nook although, I read it in 4 days, so something was jiving!

The love triangle between three main characters; Kiera, the heroine, her boyfriend, Denny and Kellan, Kiera’s other love interest had me wondering where things were going for each of them on a minute by minute basis. Once Kiera knew she had strong feelings for Denny’s best friend, Kellan, her indecisiveness about drove me completely insane! She truly loved “safe” Denny and all he represented in her life and when he left for an out of state job, Kellan, their roommate, (and well known “manwhore” and lead singer of a club band), attempted to treat her differently in Denny’s 2 month absence. He knew he was attracted to her and she him, but for the sake of Kiera and Denny’s relationship, they attempted to keep their budding attraction towards one another to a minimum. (Yeah, right!) I don’t have to tell you that they succomed to their desires on the eve of Kiera’s heated “break-up” call with Denny; due to his gradual lack of attention and phoning while away.

That’s when things become difficult. Denny comes back immediately after their upsetting conversation, quitting his prosperous job in Tucson. The back and forth, sneeking around, trying to do the right thing, trying to hide the wrong, again, DROVE ME NUTS! I loved this book, and sometimes I hated it, but eventually, I got to the end where I felt more settled.

If you seriously enjoy the many ups and even more downs of a relationship and how it all pans out, I recommend this book. It will leave you thinking about them and wishing you could fix their situations, over and over…even when you dream.