Leslie’s Book Bliss: Hunter’s Trap by Anne Michaud

So, you think Stephen King writes a scary novel? Well, think again, because Michaud may well have surpassed him by a few notches. At least in my opinion. But let me tell you what really drew me into the story…the writing. It was incredibly good and frankly, it caught me by surprise. I’m not gonna lie, straight horror books aren’t really my thing. I certainly don’t mind elements of paranormal, but prefer a little romance, too. However, I didn’t really miss it like I thought I would because her story telling was that good. Even when a little too convenient person shows up.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you the fact that this book is not only dark and sometimes gruesome, but it’s also creepy as hell. Therefore, prepare yourself before you dive in. I’m not one to be spooked…like at all, but even I was a little skittish during this read. That’s saying a lot, trust me.

So, if horror books are your thing, you are gonna LOVE this story! Michaud will take you on a wild journey of chaos and total craziness. I’m sure, just like she intended.