Download the @KeatynChronicle Hate Me Soundtrack.




Against the World by Michael S. & Morgan Page
“It’s the thought of not being here with you that makes me cry.”
The Scene:  Say yes.
Faint by Linkin Park
Be strong, Keatyn. It’s time for you to take charge.
The Scene:  Got blown up.
All of You by Peter Thomas
“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I’m just mad at myself.”
The Scene:  I hate the internet.
Lie to Me by Cole Plante
“Don’t say it. I can’t hear it. Not right now.”
The Scene:  Back to shore.
Without You by David Guetta
“I can’t believe you would bail on me like this! I need you!”
The Scene:  Liquidity
Feel Good by Goldhouse
“I thought they’d make you feel better.”
The Scene:  You come to me.
Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker by Dada Life
I draw a little crowd, which makes me dance a little naughtier.
The Scene:  Fireball shots.
Marry Me by Jason Derulo
I swear, I just forgot how to breathe.
The Scene:  Gritty, raw performance.
Young Forever by Jay Z
“You two are having entirely too serious a conversation.”
The Scene:  Control in the chaos.
Best Day of my Life by American Authors
“This has been the best birthday.”
The Scene:  Kinda bossy.
Enjoy the Ride by Krewella
“It’s about to get crazy!”
The Scene:  Look outside.
Collide by Jake Miller
“Maybe you should unzip my pants. Get a better feel.”
The Scene:  I’m not ready for that.
Should’ve Been a Cowboy by Toby Keith
A softly playing song catches my attention and stirs up a childhood memory.
The Scene:  Something up his sleeve.
Laser Light by Jessie J
But when I get to the top of the stairs, I can barely believe my eyes.”
The Scene:  Something up his sleeve.
Shush by Rachele Royale
“Panties. I win.”
The Scene:  Lied myself into a corner.
Intoxicated by The Cab
“The only word that accurately describes it is intoxicating.”
The Scene:  Lied myself into a corner.
Punishment Time by Korn
There is nothing. Just. Emptiness. Loneliness. Despair.
The Scene:  Straight out of a movie.
Reload by Sebastian Ingrosso
“You couldn’t have known it was going to happen.”
The Scene:  Straight out of a movie.
In the End by Black Veil Brides
“You’ve done everything exactly the way I requested, right?”
The Scene:  Madder than a wet hen.
Trouble by Neon Jungle
“This utter chaos is for you!”
The Scene:  Madder than a wet hen.
Awake and Alive by Skillet
 Strong arms pull me into a coffin.
The Scene:  Madder than a wet hen.
Freaks by The Royal
I look at the long bar, knowing it wouldn’t take much convincing to get the girls up there with me.
 The Scene:  Girls dancing.
Dare You by Hardwell
I’m seriously considering dragging his ass out of here this second.
The Scene:  Follow my script.
Liar Liar by Avicii 
I’ve been stalked and kissed and dated and loved, but now I can see it clearly on their faces. Hate.
The Scene:  Follow my script.