Last week I died and went to Shabby Chic Heaven.

I was going to post this blog last week, but I had to let it soak in a bit more.

Last week, I got to go meet THE Rachel Ashwell, 35 amazing bloggers, have a yummy lunch from Royer’s Round Top Cafe, tour Rachel’s new B&B, The Prairie, learn more about Dwell with Dignity, shop at her Shabby Chic Couture store, and then drive through Antique Week in Round Top, TX.

It seems like whenever I go to an Antique place all I find is junky stuff. Not in Round Top. Well, there’s junky stuff there, but it’s like WAY cool junk. I was shocked. I didn’t nearly have enough time to spend there. I called my mom this morning and said, Put it on your calendar. We’re taking a girl’s trip down there this spring. Rachel told us that she shops almost exclusively here for the furniture pieces for her stores. I mean if it’s good enough for her, that ought to tell you something! If you don’t believe it, check out the cool things that Kelley from the The Hidden List found.

Let’s talk about Rachel’s place, The Prairie. Seriously, it’s like you’ve died and gone to Shabby Chic heaven. The property is amazing.

I so want to take hubby back there with me. I can picture days of doing nothing but laying in those comfy beds. I still have no idea how she makes her beds so fluffy. I even looked. Pillow top mattresses and the fluffiest down comforters you have ever seen.

If you are looking for a getaway, this is the place to go. Wander down to the shed for breakfast. Eat at Royers. If y’all haven’t ever heard of Royers Round Top Cafe, you’re missing out. The food is incredible, the pie is seriously to die for, and even better is Bud. When you walk into Royers, whether it’s your first time or you hundrenth, you feel like an old friend. Royers is also a big believer in giving back. He sends his amazing pies to troops through his Operation: Desert Pie and also supports Dwell with Dignity. You can read my blog about Dwell with Dignity here.

Every woman I met there was friendly. They are all blogging about different things. Some fell into the design category, others had bed and breakfasts. I met a woman that makes beautiful jewerly out of old junk like keys and metal. Such a creative bunch of women. I was honored to be in their presence. I’m listing all their blogs again, so check them out and see what this amazing group of people is up to.

Rachel Ashwell is as unassuming and laid back as her decor. Once again, meeting her was like meeting an old friend. I’m not sure what I expected from the design icon, but she was so sweet, welcoming, and friendly, you couldn’t help but feel comfortable. I’ve always loved her shabby chic style, but after meeting her and experiencing her place, I realized shabby chic is so much more than a design style. It’s a way of life. An approach to life. Make old things look beautiful again by appreciating their age. The way the paint is worn. Add some cute floral shades to the wagon wheel light fixture you hate. She said that symbolizes acceptance. And that’s how Shabby Chic makes you feel. Accepted. Loved. With all your flaws. What a wonderful way to make your home feel.

Here’s a few photos that I took, but they don’t do it justice. Go to The Prairie website and look around. It’s gorgeous. I love how she combined Shabby Chic with Texas style.,,,,,,,,