Happy Halloween from the @KeatynChronicle Characters!




Keatyn, you’re stuck in a haunted forest and cannot find your way out. You’re scared and need someone to rescue you. Who do you trust to save you? Aiden or Brooklyn?

Sometimes when I’m the most scared, I think with the most clarity. No offense to the boys, they are both great, but I wouldn’t want them to have to rescue me. I know, that sounds wierd coming from me, the girl who wants the fairytale. I’d want to try and figure a way out of it myself. And if I couldn’t, I’d want Cooper to save me.

Aiden, if you planned a Halloween themed date for K, what would it be? Also, are you moon boy?

You know that there’s a Halloween parade in Greenwich Village every year. I’d love to experience something like that together. Then maybe back to her loft, hang out, watch some scary movies, snuggle. And I don’t know what a moon boy is.

I want to hear Dallas’s best Halloween themed pick-up line.

Well, you all know that I’m dying for a girl to be dressed up as a sexy vampire and say to me, I vant to suck your d*ck. So let’s focus on some lines us guys would like to hear from you ladies.

You must be a UPS man with that package.

I wish you were dressed as a pumpkin, I’d like to light your candle.

Can I go bobbing for your apples?

My friends want to watch scary movies, wanna make out instead?

And a few for the guys:

Wanna take a ride on my broomstick?

I would have dressed as a ghost, but we both know you’re gonna see my sheets later.

Wanna be my costume? I’d like to try you on.

You should share your treats with me.

There’s nothing fun-sized about me.

I know a few tricks that will give you a treat.

And then there’s always, You wanna make out?
Keatyn, you and Aiden are going to a costume party together. What do you both dress as?

Ohmigawd, I saw the funniest costume that would be perfect for us. I’ll post a picture of it. Do you think he’d wear it?


Aiden, what costume do you like best on a girl…something classic? Sexy? Or scary?

Definitely sexy.

Keatyn: what’s you’re best Halloween memory?

I’ve had a lot of memorable Halloweens. One year, my mom took me to an actual castle in Scotland to spend the weekend. Last year, was especially good. We had a big goblin bash at Cush’s house the weekend before Halloween. Sander and I went as Gatsby and Daisy. I wore a short little fringey flapper outfit and pin curls and he looked totally spectaular in a vintage suit.

Cush set up a bobbing for apples thing just so he could watch girls’ boobs fall out of their skimpy costumes when they tried to get the apples. Of course, Cush was dressed as Hugh Heffner. Silk robe, silk boxers, no shirt.

Halloween was during the week, so Brooklyn and I took the girls trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. The triplets, as usual, dressed as varying beautiful princesses, with sparkling wands and glitter on their faces. Gracie was almost two. Mom bought her an adorable kitty outfit. She screamed everytime we tried to put it on her, so we let her pick her costume. She wore a swimsuit, a tutu, a fur hat, little Uggs, and a fur muff. She wouldn’t take her hands out of the fur muff, so Avery carried her candy basket. And she got tired, so I carried her most of the way. Afterwards, we met up with Damian, got high, watched scary movies, and laughed our asses off.

Riley, Dallas, and Keatyn, would you guys do a costume all together? If so what would you be?

We’d be rap stars and Keatyn would dress slutty. Like the video we did. REMAKE!

Keatyn, this year you decide to drink some witch’s brew and have a night in at the loft. You can choose one person, non family member, to stay with you and give you your treats. Who do you choose?

Um, well, I’m not planning on going back to my loft, so I’d have to say no one.

Riley and Dallas, what trick would you do if someone chose trick over treat?

Dallas looks at Riley and smirks. “I’d steal the furry rug.”

“Like hell you would,” Riley says.

Riley, are you going to incorporate your fur rug into your Halloween costume?

No, but I sure as hell would like to incorporate it into my plans for the evening.

Keatyn, what is the one Halloween tradition you will miss the most this year, due to your having to be away from your family?

Trick-or-treating with my sisters.

Brooklyn, and Keatyn, what would be your most ideal/favorite Halloween costume for each other? I picture you both going the original and extremely unique route with your costumes as opposed to the manufactured one.

Keatyn dressed as a Cat Woman last year. She was suposed to match Gracie. She wore a skintight black dress, thigh high black boots. It was hot.

I was a surfer. Original, huh?
To all the guys- what is your favorite Halloween prank?

Dawson: Last year, we toliet papered Jake and his entire room after he got drunk. He woke up like a mummy.

Logan: Aiden and I put a huge fake spider in Shark’s bed. He wasn’t scared but the girl he brought to his room after the party peed her pants. We were suite mates. It was awesome.

Maggie: You two should be ashamed of yourselves. That poor girl. And I may or may not have put some temporary orange hair color into someone’s shampoo bottle last year.

Logan: *cough* Their housemom.