France: Part Three and Paris Love Match Excerpt.

This week on the blog, we are sharing photos from our trip to France. We’re also gearing up for Bandit Publishing’s release of Paris Love Match by Nigel Blackwell.

At the end of each post, you’ll get to read an excerpt from the upcoming book!

Today are pictures are from Paris! 

The Louvre!
Me and grandma at Notre Dame!
Notre Dame.
The lock bridge in Paris. You put your lock onto the bridge and throw the key into the river!
Eiffel Tower!! It was amazing!
At the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower!
View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.
The Arc de Triomphe!
Me and grams at Laduree!
Place de la concorde.

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She stomped off, taking the umbrella. He watched her dance around the phone box, standing outside it, inserting her money, and holding the receiver with the tips of her fingers. She kept it at a distance from her mouth, spoke loudly, hung up, and walked back. “Done.”

“Where did you tell them we’d been spotted?”

She pointed back the way they had come. “Down the street, turn left, then ten more blocks.”

“What? So this is the quickest route?”

She nodded, “Yeah.”

“Oh my god.” He slapped his forehead. “We wanted to get rid of them, not bring them to us.”

Around the corner shouts broke out among the police officers. With a squeal of tires, a string of police cars headed in their direction. Piers grabbed her hand, ready to run. She pulled him back, shoved him against the wall, and pressed herself hard against him. She popped open the umbrella and flipped it over her shoulder, blocking them from view, then pressed her face into his neck.

Piers heart thumped. “I—“

She shushed him and wrapped her leg around his, rubbing the back of her ankle up and down his leg. “Act natural. No Parisian will notice a kissing couple,” she whispered, “just don’t you dare let your hands wander.”


“Shut up, I know it must be difficult for you, but act like you’re enjoying it.”

He folded his arms around her and stroked her back. Her breath was warm on his neck. He tilted his head to press his face to hers. He could feel her bra and the softness of her body pushing against him. She ran her hands over his shoulders and down his arms, squeezing his biceps playfully.

The tension in his limbs dissolved and a warm glow spread through him. A calm smile spread across his face. She rubbed her hand across his shoulders and her long hair brushed against his ear. He closed his eyes and squeezed her tight.

“You only have to act like you’re enjoying it,” she said.

He opened his eyes and loosened his hold. “I am,” he cleared his throat, “acting.”

“You better be.”

A cavalcade of cars and motorbikes raced by, sirens blaring. He pulled the umbrella in closer to make sure their faces were obscured. The sounds diminished and he risked looking out. “They’re gone.”

Sidney slid from him. He let his arms fall away slowly. He breathed out, stifling a sigh, and didn’t breathe back in. Her leaving him felt like a physical blow. It took all his willpower not to reach out for her. The rain had made her tousled curls a vague memory, but her eyes were bright and, even in the cold, her high cheekbones had a natural tint to them, the slightest of pinks, just enough to accentuate the flawless white of her skin.

He watched, mesmerized, as she opened her mouth. “Now what?”


“I said now what? I did my bit by phoning from the pee-box. What’s next?”

He shook his head and took a gulp of cold air. The adrenaline and tension returned to his muscles. “Right, we have to go.”


Paris Love Match is a crazy caper through the streets of Paris. 

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