Forget keeping up with the Joneses. Can you keep up with your man?

Can you keep up with your man? Should you even try? Do you do everything together? Do you know one of those sickening couples that do EVERYTHING together? And I’m not talking they antique and go to the farmer’s market. I’m talking they jog, climb mountains, do a triathlon, and then save the world together before lunch. And does it make you wanna puke, or are you one of them?

Tomorrow on Philanthropy Thursday, you get to meet Joe and Sandy, who started a really cool charity. I’m proud to be friends with this couple. But at first, um, well, I have to admit, I HATED Sandy! I hadn’t even met her yet, and I hated her!

Let me back up, start from the beginning. We lived in Kansas City on a lake. Our house overlooked the lake’s slalom course. My husband skied the course obsessively. Hubby is highly driven. His life motto is Go Big Or Go Home. He doesn’t do anything half assed. If he’s going to do something, he goes all out. Work. Play. Doesn’t matter. We do everything well and with the best equipment.

You have to understand, hubby and I have been married about ten years at this point, and I have JUST gotten him trained to perfection. He believes that I’m SUCH a GREAT wife because I give him ALONE time. Time away from me and the kids, where he can reconnect with himself, work off his stress. I am the PERFECT woman. Life is good.

Enter Joe. Bald, buff, No Fear Tattoo. They met on the slalom course at sunrise and are soon pushing each other to new competitive heights. He and hubby are Go Big Or Go Home soul mates. And now they want our families to play together too.

My husband excitedly told me all about his new friend and his wife, Sandy. Here’s what I heard. “He and Sandy do EVERYTHING together. She gets up with him in the morning, and they…….” blah blah blah. He lost me at they get up together. My husband is a morning boy. Hits the ground running at 6am. I am NOT a morning girl. The only time I’ve ever seen a sunrise was when I was just getting in from the night before.

But he prevailed, and I heard more. “Rock climbing, camping, scuba diving, flying airplanes, hundred mile bicycle rides, triathlons, travel. You name the adventure, they have probably done it together.” I’m pretty sure she’s even jogged into the wilderness, set up camp, cooked up a healthy, yet delicious, dinner, then they all scaled the mountain, jumped from there to the moon, then hang glided back home.

You get the idea. She’s my husband’s dream. I hate her.

She’s threatening all I hold dear!! While hubby had his ALONE time, I possibly put in a movie for the kids, then sat on the couch with ruffles, ranch dip, diet coke, and a good book. Now, he wants me to go ROCK CLIMBING with these people. “The kids will love it.” I held my tongue. I did not say, “Have fun.” I went with. I’m so excited!


One. I hate heights. I’m not afraid of heights, I just don’t like being up high and feeling like I’m going to plummet to my death.

Two. I don’t really like to sweat.

Three. When am I going to read?

Four: Do they serve beer there?

Here’s some things I have since discovered, and some free advice:

They DON’T really do everything together. She bakes and decorates cakes, sews up a storm, and enjoys shopping. To my knowledge, Joe doesn’t participate in these activities. The tattoo may say No Fear, but a man does has his limits.

If you ever meet a guy that says he is an avid waterskier, ask to see him shirtless. Seriously, my thirty-two year old husband looked the best he had his whole life. When you ski the slalom course, you pull with your arms and shoulders. That means your arms get jacked, your shoulders get huge, you twist and pull, so your core gets strong and some how through that process, the abs, ohhhhh how I love the abs.

Hubby and I are a good team after all. I went to the rock climbing gym with them. He wore himself and the kids out. I pretended to climb, took them home, put them all to bed and got out the chips.

I don’t hate Sandy. I love her. Wanna know why? She can’t make gravy. Ha! I found something I could do well, that she couldn’t!!! Also, we have a lot in common. She likes reading, relaxing, shopping, and doing crafty things, as much as I do. Also, last year, I called her with one of my wild ideas. I told her how I wanted to sew five eight-foot tall Christmas trees, stuff them, and mount them, and she didn’t bat an eye. She said, we could do that. You can’t help but love a woman who’s always up for an adventure!

The moral of the story. Waterskiing does a body good. Getting your husband to take your kids to do something physical wears them all out and is highly recommended. Sometimes the people you wanna hate, turn out to be the best friends.

Do you have a story like this? Someone you thought you hated? Do you do everything with your husband? Can you keep up with him? Should you even try?

Oh, and here is a photo of the trees we sewed. With the base, the center tree in the photo was 11ft tall. We’re ah-mazing!!

Chi Omega Christmas Market