Deleted Scene from Love Me @KeatynChronicle

November 3rd

Kiss the wolf.



I’m on stage in a full-blown musical production.

One that feels very weird.

I’m wandering through the woods like Little Red Riding Hood. Happily visiting my grandmother when a wolf starts stalking me. He’s big and dark and scary. He doesn’t sing, but rather howls as the orchestra plays the kind of music that is foreboding. Based on the music I hear, I know the wolf wants to eat me. I wrap my cape around me tighter, hoping it will protect me, and run home.

In the next scene, I’m in a cabin lying on a big fluffy bed with a patchwork quilt. The set is an exact replica of the suite in France where B and I did it for the first time.

A different wolf with eyes the color of the ocean comes into my room. I’m scared because a wolf is in my room, but when I look in his eyes, I know I shouldn’t be afraid.

Somehow, this wolf gets me to follow him into the woods.

The set background changes again. I’m now in a forest clearing surrounded by wolves. A wolf walks to the center of the circle. You can tell by the way he holds his head high, the shininess of his black fur, and the way the other wolves bow down to him, that he is their leader.

He speaks to me in a half howl-half English mix that I’m somehow able to interpret.

He tells me that the wolves need my help overthrowing the evil in the forest.

The leader sings to me in a deep baritone voice.


Rise up and let us out.

Show the world what you’re about.

Don’t be afraid to shine on stage.

Rid him of his evil ways.

True love’s kiss will set them free.

Eyes and fur only man can see.

Feel his soul.

Rise and shout.

Kiss the wolf and let us out.

Then all the wolves start howling/singing in chorus.


Aaaaarroooo! Kiss the wolf and let us out!


Three wolves move in front of me. The blue-eyed wolf that led me here, an emerald-eyed wolf, and a dark-eyed wolf.

The wolves seem familiar.

Could there be a human trapped inside the wolf? Obviously, they can’t morph on their own, or they wouldn’t need my help. Maybe they are cursed? Like that fairytale of the prince who got turned into a frog.

The blue-eyed wolf nuzzles against me. His light brown fur smells salty, like the ocean. I suddenly feel like I’m home, and I know without a doubt that B is trapped inside this wolf’s body. He licks my hand then turns his head toward wolf number two.

This wolf is taller, broader, and has a shiny light-colored coat. His bright emerald eyes peer into my soul and when he sets his paw on top of my hand, it causing an electrical current to run through my veins. That would be Aiden.

The Aiden wolf slowly nods his head at me, like he read my thoughts, then turns his nose toward the next wolf.

This wolf has darker fur and eyes, his shoulders are slumped a little, like he’s casual and laid back. The wolf opens his mouth and smiles a smile that I’ve loved forever. Then he proceeds to lick his wet tongue up the side of my face making me laugh. He sits down next to me like he’s guarding me. I feel safe. Damian.

The Damian wolf sings to me.


True love’s kiss will set us free.

Eyes and fur only man can see.

Feel our souls.

Rise and shout.

Kiss the wolf and let us out.

Am I supposed to kiss a wolf?

My true love wolf?

Or am I supposed to kiss all three and see if one works?

And why the hell is Damian in this mix? Shouldn’t it be Dawson?

I think about curses in fairy tales. I don’t think I can kiss them all and see. I have to know the wolf is my true love for it to work. I have to feel it in my heart.

Wolf Damian stands in a line with the B Wolf and the Aiden Wolf.

The wolves howl louder and louder.


Kiss the wolf and let us out. Kiss the wolf and let us out. Kiss the wolf and let us out. Kiss the wolf and let us out.


It gets so loud I cover my ears with my paws and cower.

Wait. I’m a wolf too?

I peek back at the three expectant wolves. They are growling at me, urging me to decide.

I look into each one of their eyes, take two steps, and kiss my true love as the wolves behind them start to transform back to men.

I wake up with a start.

Wondering who the hell I kissed.