Date Me by Jillian Dodd: Polyvore Contest Winner.

Last month, we did a really cool contest. And today, we get to announce the winner!! 

These were the contest details:


And this is the winning board by Julie Kady!

Keatyn shopping with her friends in New York City.


Why Jill loved this board:  There were a ton of great entries, but this one completely nailed Keatyn’s style. Keatyn’s outfits always include (and often start with) a great pair of shoes or boots and a luxury brand handbag. She mixes things up in fashion, pairing dressy with casual, mixing prints. Her clothes are fun, flirty, and casual. These Frye boots are the perfect way to dress down the sequined shorts. The peach silk J. Crew blouse will look great with Keatyn’s blonde hair. And I LOVE the Burberry trench with leather sleeves. The Louis Vuitton Eva bag blends with her outfit without being all match-matchy. Love the board and am super excited to include it along with the others for Date Me.

Why Jessica loved this board:  There were some truly fantastic entries, but when I first saw this entry, one word came to mind… perfection. I could immediately see Keatyn in this outfit. One of the things I love most about Keatyn’s style is her ability to be daring and original without looking like she’s trying too hard. She is an expert at mixing casual with formal clothes giving her a truly unique style that’s all her own. The sequined shorts paired with the boots are a perfect example of this. One thing everyone needs to know about Keatyn… she has all the money she could ever want or need and has no problem buying less expensive clothes, but when it comes to her shoes and bags she never buys anything less than couture brands. Again, this set not only shows off Keatyn’s love of both, but pairs them effortlessly with the rest of the outfit. I absolutely LOVE this board and couldn’t be happier that it will be included in Keatyn’s wardrobe for Date Me.

If you’d like to shop for the items in this board, click here.