Cut scene from That Wedding

Thought it might be fun to share one of the scenes that I cut from That Wedding.

Danny and Phillip felt it was quite unfair that all the bridal magazines catered to BRIDES. That there were no Grooms magazines that they could find. They thought they might create their own Grooms magazine. These are their thoughts.

The Grooms magazine would have the following checklist for grooms.

1).  Propose. Buy the biggest rock you can afford. In this case, size does matter. Ask her dad first. Propose in a special way.

2). Pick your Best Man.  Choose one of your friends that is the best combination of wild, rich, and articulate. Here’s what to keep in mind. He will be in charge of two important things. A toast at your wedding and throwing the bachelor party. ‘Nuff said.

3). Get fitted for your tuxedo.

4). Help plan the wedding. Relax and learn the following phrase and repeat it often. “Whatever you think is best, darling.”

5).  At the wedding don’t drink too much. Remember the wedding night sets the tone for your whole married life and you want sex right? Don’t drink too much, don’t be hung over, and don’t be too tired.

The rest of the magazine will be devoted to “brides” in various states of undress, modeling wedding night lingerie. The likes of which most of us have never seen in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

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