@Captive_Films Season One Soundtrack

Captive Films Soundtrack @JillianDodd.net

Episode 1.1

Paris – Riley
I’m Riley Johnson. I’ve got it all. 
Song:  I Run This by Birdman
Paris – Keatyn
You and I are like a promise. A wish. Proof that fate and luck bring people together.
Song:  Sorta Like Fate by Twisted Dreams
Connecticut – Ariela 
I walked away and never looked back.
Song:  Break Free by Ariana Grande
Episode 1.2
Hollywood – Riley
A nice threesome. That will help me forget.
Song:  Delirious by Steve Aoki
Hollywood – Ariela
Far away from the boy who still holds my heart captive.
Song:  Wonder by Adventure Club
Episode 1.3
L.A. – Riley
Why did you leave?
Song:  Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer
Malibu – Keatyn
I can see his smile in the dark.
Song:  Let This Last Forever by Benny Benassi
Beverly Hills – Riley
I’m living our dream. Without you.
Song:  American Dream by MKTO
Episode 1.4
Malibu – Riley
I wrap my arms around her, enjoying the excitement of kissing someone new.
Song:  Somebody to You by The Vamps
Holmby Hills – Vanessa
This is straight out of one of my fantasies.
Song:  Show Off by SoMo
Episode 1.5
Malibu – Dawson
The kind of love that heals and inspires.
Song:  The Light by Disco Fries
Asher Vineyards – Keatyn
You like it when I’m dirty.
Song:  Hyper Love by Ferry Corsten
Driving – Riley
You have no idea just how bad I can be.
Song:  Dangerous by David Guetta
Episode 1.6
Asher Vineyards – Riley
I don’t know what I say when I stand up. It’s a blur of fury.
Song:  Reincarnate by Motionless in White
 Asher Vineyards – Vanessa
Follow your heart, it will always lead you home
Song:  Look Back by Denzal Park
Holmby Hills – Riley
You used to like when I did this too.
Song:  In Your Arms by Michael Woods
 Santa Monica – Riley
My heart stops beating.
Song:  Drown by Bring Me the Horizon