Can You Design a Room with LOVE? The Big REVEAL!!

So my daughter’s 17th birthday was this past Friday. She got kicked out of her room on Tuesday, while I completely redid it. I felt like I was living a HGTV show!

If you recall, she had a laundry list of what she wanted in her room. You can read here her ideas and see the before pictures, but basically she wanted a room that had the following elements. She wanted a comfortable, ethnic, casual, trippy, beachy, Asian and bohemian influenced room with black lights and a disco ball that looks grown up. I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish it, but it turned out pretty cool. She was thrilled! Which was the most important part!

So the answer is yes. You can design a room with love. You just have to add elements that you know they’ll love in a workable color palette. The biggest challenge of this project, besides trying to incorporate all her clashing styles, was that I had to buy it all and have it ready to move in. I prayed it all went together as I had envisioned.

So, what do you think? Have you ever taken on a project that was a bit more than you thought you could handle? And how did it turn out?