Book Bloggers Love A Thon

So why am I up at midnight visiting blogs and posting on my own? Because it’s the start of something fun. For the next 24 hours, many of us will be checking out some great blogs and sharing hugs, comments, and spreading the love. I’m very lucky that they let me in on this as I am getting introduced to blogs my people who are passionate readers. Katelyn Torrey came up with this great idea and you can click over there to see the list of blogs  participating. Be sure to check them out. And if you are stopping by Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos for the first time – WELCOME!! We have lots of fun here. On Mondays we have something called MANday, which is basically hot shirtless guys. Something to make Mondays a little more BAREable. On Tuesdays, my 17 yr. old daughter, Kenzie posts on All that Glitters. Fun fashions, trends, makeup, shoes, whatever she is loving that week. Wednesdays are usually about love. Fridays we do movie reviews. And there are a few pages about my books. So thanks for stopping by and feel the LOVE!!