All That Glitters: Hair Chalking!

Hey guys! It’s Kenzie here on All That Glitters! This week my blog is about hair chalk! It is a huge new thing! It’s super fast and easy, plus super cute!

Here’s how you do it:

Step One: Buy Artist’s Lofts Fundamentals Soft Pastels which is different than normal chalk.

Step Two: Wrap a towel around your neck and pull your hair to the side.

Step Three: Take a spray bottle and wet the piece of hair you want to use.

Step Four: On that wet piece of hair, rub the chalk onto it until you have it as dark as you want it. Repeat this to all the strands of hair you want to have colored.

Step Five: Let your hair dry.

Step Six: Once your hair is dry, curl each piece you put chalk on because the heat will set it and using a curler works better than a straightener.

Thats it! Its super easy to do, very cute, and great because it only lasts a few days!